Remdesivir for covid treatment

Remdesivir: Side effects, Dosage, and Benefits for COVID-19 Treatment

What is remdesivir medicine?

To treat coronavirus infection in adults, children, and older age, hospitalized in severe conditions, the remdesivir medicine is used to treat the SARS-CoV-2 virus. It is also known as a remdesivir antiviral drug as it works in the body to stops the virus from spreading in the body. It doesn’t cure the covid-19 virus, as the study results show that it may speed up the recovery process of the patients from the covid-19 virus.

Is remdesivir medicine effective against covid-19?

  • This medicine is effective as an antiviral drug; it helps to fight against coronavirus infection. It is performed to slow or stop the SARS-CoV-2 virus by building copies to block the particular enzyme. The medicine acts separately in the body as an antibody-based treatment.
  • The stock of remdesivir is restricted; it’s only reserved for the severe covid-19 patients, those individuals whose oxygen level is below 94% and require immediate oxygen. The FDA-approved remdesivir injection is shown to prevent or treat coronavirus infection. This is the first treatment medicine available to fight against the virus. 

What is the remdesivir role in coronavirus treatment?

  • It is the leading medication authorized by the FDA for fighting against the SARS-CoV-2 virus. It is meant to treat COVID-19 infection in hospitalized adults, children, and older age people. When remdesivir injection got approval, then it’s recommended that to maintain the ability to treat the patients weighing 3.5 Kg to less than 40 kg.
  • It acts as a prodrug meant to provide intracellular transfer of monophosphate and the following biotransformation into triphosphate, a ribonucleotide analog inhibitor of viral RNA polymerase. 

When is remdesivir required for the covid patient?

  • It is required when the body acts differently after covid-19 infection. Suddenly oxygen blood level decreases, difficulty in breathing, patients on high mechanical ventilation need clinical recovery and other patient-important issues. 
  • The study says pregnant women were eliminated from the trial record that estimated the protection and effectiveness of remdesivir for covid treatment. However, records of this medication use in pregnant women were well stood, with a no rate of remdesivir adverse effects.

What is the dosage of remdesivir?

  • Doctors ultimately prescribe remdesivir dose for covid. The research team compared the 2 dosages by conducting the trials on covid-19 hospitalized patients, as 200 mg first day, 100 mg daily, and then the research team checked the patients’ status on the 14th day.
  •  If you’re taking your other medications, your specialists will check and set your dosage according to your pre-existing medicines. Speak to your specialist about all your medicines, supplements, herbal or traditional medicines so that your specialists will understand you better and effectively.
  • According to the New England Journal of Medicine, trials suggest that it’s genuinely adequate and active medicine supplies that heal the patients in a shorter period.

What are the remdesivir injection benefits for COVID-19?

According to the National Institute of Health research, remdesivir for covid treatment is a research-based broad-spectrum antiviral medication. Beforehand, it was examined in individuals with Ebola virus infection. The record discovered that medication recovers in a short duration of time which helps patients to get discharge from hospitals early. The records say that it took 11 days of recovery and can provide a survival status against covid-19 infection. Compared to the usual time, the remdesivir injection helps build your body at the recovery stage and helps to improve oxygen blood level.

Before receiving remdesivir: 

  • Inform your specialist and pharmacist if you have any allergy with antiviral drugs or any supplementary medicines, or with remdesivir injections. Ask your healthcare care remdesivir’s ingredients to show and also make you to read so that you’ll be aware of the ingredients.
  • Contact your specialists, pharmacist, or health care provider about all the pre-existing medications, including protein, vitamin, herbal, or any supplements you are taking regularly or deciding to take in earlier days. Because as per your medications plan, pharmacists will change the dosage or add according to your body support.
  • Inform your doctor if you’re facing any liver or kidney disease problems because it is necessary to know your present specialist before using the medications on your body.
  • Women who are pregnant or planning for a baby or breastfeeding must show all the medicines and ask the specialists before using any other covid protection medicines.

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What are the remdesivir side effects?

Consult your specialists, doctor, or healthcare provider if any of these symptoms are producing you in an authoritarian state:

  • Nausea
  • Pain
  • Bleeding
  • Bruising of the skin 
  • Soreness
  • Swelling near the place where the medication was injected

Some side effects can be complex, challenging, and severe. If you consider any of these symptoms are severe, contact your experts or doctor directly or acquire an emergency procedure:

  • Yellow eyes or skin 
  • Dark urine
  • Pain
  • Discomfort in the right upper stomach area

Visit your specialist if you have any new difficulties while taking this medicine.

What are the remdesivir side effects for liver disease patients?

  • There is no data showing any unfavorable side effects to the liver patients. Still, remdesivir adverse effect chance, including the liver, has been one of the most self-evident possible risks from remdesivir.
  • Liver enzyme progress in the SIMPLE test introduced 7% of patients with class 3 or higher alanine aminotransferase rises and 3% who discontinued the medication over raised liver enzymes.
  • Consult your specialists before taking this medication.

What are the remdesivir side effects for kidney disease patients?

Remdesivir drug has primary and fundamental relationships with the medicine used in HIV and hepatitis B infection as it has some side effects with kidney patients. As per the rat model, studies show that low-level injury in the kidney. In humans, if kidney disease is not that severe, they may get mild symptoms, but the doctors and specialists prescribe it entirely how the remdesivir acts and how much dosage should be essential to take.

What are the remdesivir side effects for heart disease patients?

  • There is no data showing any unfavorable side effects to heart disease patients. Always check your high blood pressure at least twice a day. If your high blood pressure rate increases or decreases drastically, consult your doctor immediately or get you prescribed medicine according to doctor recommendations.
  • Contact your specialist or convey your pre-existing disease to your healthcare provider as per the prescription.

How to check remdesivir availability?

  • Remdesivir drug used to fight the COVID-19 virus secure a body to survive. It has not been easy to buy in many states and countries because of the sudden increase of covid-19 infection; the shortage of antiviral drugs has led to a crisis. Remdesivir cost in the Philippines is varied according to the supplier process.
  • The remdesivir brand in the Philippines is also known as Veklury®. Other names include GS-5734. To get the drug quickly, visit the online pharmacy’s official website, ensuring the remdesivir availability. Only you need to complete the details and get the remdesivir medicine delivery at your convenience to treat covid patients.

Where to purchase remdesivir injection?

Step 1: Visit the authentic website to check remdesivir availability online/offline or contact government health care or contact Getmeds customer care 0999-889-0657 or Email –

Step 2: Read all the terms and conditions.

Step 3:  Fill the form or provide the required documents.

Step 4: Submit the details and made a successful order.

Note: Remdesivir cannot be sold without a compassionate special permit (CSP), requiring the FDA Philippines’ prior approval (for hospitals/individual use). 

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What other information should you know?

Try to maintain all meetings with your expert and the lab. Your specialists will require particular lab tests to monitor remdesivir response to the body. Keep your prescription list with all the prescribed medications and over-the-counter medicines. Maintain and hold your list and bring it each time you visit your specialists or any health care provider. In case of emergencies or pitalized then also necessary to keep your prescription with you.

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