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Opthamax 500mg
MRP ₱ 27.90
₱ 21.12
Neozep Non-Drowsy 10mg / 500mg
₱ 6.79
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Parasaph 500mg
MRP ₱ 2.77
₱ 2.33
Sleepasil 500mg
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Cetzy 10mg
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ATC Fish Oil 100mg
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Bioflu 500mg / 2mg/ 10mg
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Neozep Forte 10mg / 2mg / 500mg
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Tempra Forte 500mg
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Advil 200 mg
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Covid Essentials

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ImmunPro 500 mg / 27.5 mg
MRP ₱ 14.75
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Xtracee Plus 562.54 MG
MRP ₱ 8.70
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GreenCross 70% Isopropyl alcohol 500ml
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Pulse Oximeter Adult 1's
₱ 900.00
Casino Regular Ethyl Alcohol 150ml
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Sterile Gloves 7.5
MRP ₱ 25.74
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Face Shield 1's
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Berocca Mixed Berries 15's
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Latex Gloves Small 2's
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Latex Gloves Large 2's
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Bonazil 25mg
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Rogin-E 500mg
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Sangobion Baby 15ml
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Caltone 500mg/250 IU
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Mdbrox 30 mg/5 ml
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Calpol 120mg/5ml
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C-Lium 500mg
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Xantho 500mg
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Prazole Plus 40mg / 30mg
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Pocari Sweat 500ml
MRP ₱ 61.78
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Manila and Other Top Cities with the Highest New Covid-19 Cases
Quezon City, Manila, and Pasig covered the cities with the highest number of new COVID-19 cases on Friday, according to research on Saturday, citing data from the Department of Health (DOH). The records from the pandemic monitoring society posted on Twitter by its fellow Guido David explained that Quezon City reported 1,074 n
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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: What Is It, Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment
Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health disease triggered by a hit event by experiencing it or witnessing it. Symptoms may involve flashbacks, dreams, and severe stress, as well as uncontrollable feelings about the performance. You can get doctor advice through an online drugstore in the Philippines to get your
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What Is LDL(Low-density Lipoprotein) Cholesterol and How to Diagnose It?
Cholesterol is a fat-like substance that is overserved in the body. There are different types of cholesterol, and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol is sometimes called the "bad" cholesterol. You can get your cholesterol medicine through an online drugstore in the Philippines as per the prescription or doctor recommendati
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Hyperthyroidism: What Is It, Symptoms, Causes and Treatment
Hyperthyroidism is common in both males and females. A female with primary hyperthyroidism symptoms including bleeding and pregnancy, whereas males may undergo sexual dysfunction. At the same time, consult the specialist and get medicines for hyperthyroidism through an online pharmacy in the Philippines at your doorstep.   Wh
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What Is Normal Blood Pressure for Teenagers?
Heartbeats can lead to the lowest, normal, and high blood pressure range. Normal blood pressure for teens is necessary while providing better requirements to the body. Consult the doctor or specialists to get required medicine through an online drugstore in the Philippines. Normal bp is very much necessary to keep your body heal
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Philippine Nurses Did Resignations Over Unpaid Compensation
Overworked nurses in the Philippines are trying to care for patients as co-workers deal with COVID-19 or leave a desperately understaffed service before the pandemic. The nation is experiencing a single rise in viruses. The health department tells a nursing decline of more than 100,000 driving those moved to work extended hou
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What Are the Symptoms and Causes of the Major Depressive Disorder?
Major depressive disorder is a common and severe illness that creates negativity in thought and action. MDD mainly leads to different problems and also meanwhile reduces the capacity to work. At the same time, consult the doctor immediately through an online drugstore in the Philippines. Try to follow all the instructions with t
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What Are the Best Vitamin Supplements for Kids?
Most parents know about their children to keep them healthy and strong. Still, sometimes you may require to know the exact nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to produce for your children's bodies. Try to get your supplements or healthcare products from an online drugstore in the Philippines. While providing the best care to the c
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How to Calculate Body Fat with a Calculator?
The body fat calculator formula can be managed to determine your total body fat based on precise dimensions. Apply the "Metric Units" check if you are more satisfied with it or not. The body fat calculator formula may not be estimated 100% accurate, but moreover, the data can show near be numbers or sometimes exceed, don't panic
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Chlamydia Infection: What is it, Symptoms & Risk Factors in Both Men and Women
Chlamydia infection affects originally growing women, although it can occur in men and women. To avoid Chlamydia infection, always use protection while doing sex. Visit the online drugstore in the Philippines to get your protection and hygiene care with a same-day medicine delivery at the comfort of your home. What is chlamydia
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James Prior
The service is good for the drugs that they carry. However for drugs not carried they have not got back to me. The chat bot cannot help and has failed to connect me with a human. I cannot reach them on FB Messenger. I am deaf so being able to message is critical for me. I have placed my second order but there are several dru
App is easy to use and medicines I need are on their list with multiple generic options. Their telemarketer is also a big help in completing my purchase.
Very helpful especially this pandemic. I already ordered twice here for the medicines of my brother and i'm surprised they also have antibiotics here you just need to upload prescription by the doctor or send it through email and then they will call you or text for the confirmation of your orders. I also had a little issue on my
Very satisfied with the service, very professional. To advice
Marlene Tillah
I'm new to this online buying of medicine. but I can say that this company is efficient because it can give the needs that our physical pharmacy cant provide personally. Thank you so much
Delia Saguil
I have seen how GetMeds has progressed from the first time (July 2020) I ordered my medicines and health supplies. The company is efficient and very helpful. Online ordering is a breeze and staff confirmation and follow-through is fast. Packaging follows the standard sanitary process. Commending Elaiza....good job!
jennifer b
1st time user here and their portal is user friendly. The meds I ordered for my mom, who is living away from me and alone in an urban area, has been delivered on the same day, inspite of Bagyong Fabian. Awesome Team. Thanks a lot for saving my day from a lot of hassle. ????
Melinda Macaraig
I am thankful for the help from Getmeds. It's my 2nd time around of orders and all are in good conditions. Very accommodating to talk with the needs and details of all orders. Get into them now. Good prices and organized online website. Thank you Getmeds.