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Headcolin 500mg
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Lipitor 10 mg
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Lopicard 10 mg
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Co-Hypace 20mg/12.5mg
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Oflobiz 3mg/5ml
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Kwell 10mg/ml
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Comxicla 625mg
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Zimvast 10 mg
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Vicks Babyrub 20g
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Co Aprovel 150 mg/12.5 mg
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ImmunPro 500 MG/ 27.5 MG
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Xtracee Plus 562.54 MG
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Bactidol 250ml
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Face Mask 1's
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Parasaph 500mg
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Aceite De Alcamforado 300 mg
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Forti-D 800 IU
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Conzace 500 MG
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Super Cee Plus 500mg
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Fern-C 500 MG
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Comxicla 625mg
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DM Piroxicam 10mg
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Sandoz Allopurinol 100 mg
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Galvus Met 50/1000mg
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Janumet 50 mg/1000 mg
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Babyflo Heavenly touch 50ml
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Tamimex 20mg
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Zatsol 50mg
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Zimvast 10 mg
MRP ₱ 4.21
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Lipitor 40 mg
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Top 10 Food and Nutrition Myths You Shouldn't Believe
Ever heard of the saying don't believe in social media things? Well, in some cases, it’s applicable not to believe everything you see daily on social media," particularly when it comes to nutritional facts, where everyone has a distinct viewpoint. There is multiple mixed information out there that it's questionable to figur
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Lung cancer: Types, Stages, Causes, and More
People who smoke may suffer from a risk of lung cancer, but lung cancer doesn't mean it only occurs to the people who are smoking; it may occur to normal people also. The risk of lung cancer increases as the number of cigarettes a person is smoking in a day. Even after smoking so many times in a day, you can gradually decrease y
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Top 10 Online Pharmacy Apps to Order Medicine in the Philippines
Want to get emergency medicines in the Philippines for yourself or senior citizens but also want to avoid crowd stores to visit? Or thinking ordering medicines through an online pharmacy app is a complex method? Not at all! In such times, an online pharmacy app that offers medicine delivery to the doorstep in the Philippines can
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How Alcohol May Affect During Covid-19 Vaccine
There is no evidence having an alcoholic drink serves the covid vaccines less efficiently. Some reports say that minor or moderate amounts of drink may benefit the immune system by decreasing inflammation over a longer duration. A heavy drinking session shouldn't be carried out during the vaccine procedure as it is not acceptabl
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The Immune System: Definition, Types, Functions, Diseases and Home Remedies
Different individuals have a different immune system, but it's general that during adulthood everyone needs to develop more immunity in the body. This may be a reason for teens, and adults get sick less as compared to children. An antibody remains in the body; it means if the antigen rises again, it can be treated more promptly.
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All You Need to Know About the Vaccination Process
The whole nation that is precisely believing in living a normal life has its eyes stuck on only one thing, for now, i.e., COVID-19 Vaccines. The list of vaccine brands available in the Philippines today includes AstraZeneca, Sputnik V, Sinovac, and Pfizer-BioTech.  The Filipino have been vaccinated with around eight million
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What is Herd Immunity, and How can Herd Immunity End Coronavirus Infection?
Herd immunity for covid is the secondary protection of a contagious disease that occurs while society is protected by vaccination or immunity received by a past infection; World Health Organization (WHO) recommends performing herd immunity by injection vaccination.  What is herd immunity for covid? Herd immunity fights agains
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Black Fungus: Symptoms, Cure, Causes, and Treatment
The black fungus is caused by mucor, which is commonly known as mucormycosis. Different states have found mucormycosis, especially among patients who are suffering from diabetes. Black fungus is now the primary fungal infection that is discovered in the environment. Any person gets infected even if they have a cut, burn, or othe
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Importance of Exercise and Mental Health during Covid-19 Pandemic
Exercises help improve mental and physical health during pandemics. It serves to maintain psychic health, the body, and health during this covid pandemic. People who have consistency can effectively beat the pandemic with good health. Throughout the exercise, you have to maintain your diet regularly.  How long should I exercis
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Remdesivir: Side effects, Dosage, and Benefits for COVID-19 Treatment
What is remdesivir medicine? To treat coronavirus infection in adults, children, and older age, hospitalized in severe conditions, the remdesivir medicine is used to treat the SARS-CoV-2 virus. It is also known as a remdesivir antiviral drug as it works in the body to stops the virus from spreading in the body. It doesn't cure
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