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24% OFF
Opthamax 500mg
MRP ₱ 27.90
₱ 21.12
Rhea Sodium Chloride 1g
₱ 6.75
Neozep Non-Drowsy 10mg / 500mg
₱ 6.79
Alaxan FR 325mg/200mg
₱ 8.73
16% OFF
Parasaph 500mg
MRP ₱ 2.77
₱ 2.33
Sleepasil 500mg
₱ 14.96
19% OFF
Diatabs 2mg
MRP ₱ 9.92
₱ 8.00
Bioflu 500mg / 2mg/ 10mg
₱ 8.73
Tempra Forte 500mg
₱ 4.85
Advil 200 mg
₱ 8.73

Covid Essentials

15% OFF
ImmunPro 500 mg / 27.5 mg
MRP ₱ 14.75
₱ 12.50
14% OFF
Xtracee Plus 562.54 MG
MRP ₱ 8.70
₱ 7.50
GreenCross 70% Isopropyl alcohol 500ml
₱ 95.00
Pulse Oximeter Adult 1's
₱ 900.00
Casino Regular Ethyl Alcohol 150ml
₱ 32.93
12% OFF
Sterile Gloves 7.5
MRP ₱ 25.74
₱ 22.74
Face Shield 1's
₱ 13.40
Berocca Mixed Berries 15's
₱ 288.07
Medx Gloves Small 2's
₱ 13.00
Medx Gloves Large 2's
₱ 14.00


42% OFF
Bonazil 25mg
MRP ₱ 14.02
₱ 8.15
43% OFF
Rogin-E 500mg
MRP ₱ 43.50
₱ 25.00
14% OFF
Sangobion Baby 15ml
MRP ₱ 220.15
₱ 189.15
12% OFF
Mdbrox 30 mg/5 ml
MRP ₱ 51.20
₱ 45.00
15% OFF
Calpol 120mg/5ml
MRP ₱ 158.10
₱ 135.00
18% OFF
C-Lium 500mg
MRP ₱ 4.72
₱ 3.88
41% OFF
Xantho 500mg
MRP ₱ 20.57
₱ 12.10
42% OFF
Prazole Plus 40mg / 30mg
MRP ₱ 107.40
₱ 62.08
18% OFF
Pocari Sweat 500ml
MRP ₱ 61.78
₱ 50.60
24% OFF
Biogic 100mg/5ml
MRP ₱ 42.00
₱ 32.00

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How to Calculate Body Fat with a Calculator?
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Philippines Lifted the Covid-19 Travel Ban Restrictions on 10 Countries
On Saturday, the Philippines government stated that the country had lifted inbound travel restrictions for other countries, including ten overall countries, from Monday, September 6. This indicates that travelers from the list of countries might be able to enter the Philippines: India Pakistan Bangladesh Sri Lanka
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How Can Breathing Exercises Improve the Covid-19 Infection?
People who become very ill from COVID-19 may undergo pneumonia as a result. This produces the lungs to load with fluid and phlegm, getting it even harder to breathe and receive the oxygen your body requires to operate. COVID breathing exercises may help to reduce asthma disease, high blood pressure, or hypertension problems.  
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12 Ways to Clear Stuffy Nose (Clogged Nose) at Home
Are you annoyed with your stuffy nose? Well, that's true no one likes stuffy and watery noses. Keeping tissues in pockets, carrying a napkin, or changing the towel again and again may irritate you. If your clogged nose continues for more than a week, consult a doctor or get medicine through online drugstores in the Philippines.
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James Prior
The service is good for the drugs that they carry. However for drugs not carried they have not got back to me. The chat bot cannot help and has failed to connect me with a human. I cannot reach them on FB Messenger. I am deaf so being able to message is critical for me. I have placed my second order but there are several dru
App is easy to use and medicines I need are on their list with multiple generic options. Their telemarketer is also a big help in completing my purchase.
Very helpful especially this pandemic. I already ordered twice here for the medicines of my brother and i'm surprised they also have antibiotics here you just need to upload prescription by the doctor or send it through email and then they will call you or text for the confirmation of your orders. I also had a little issue on my
Very satisfied with the service, very professional. To advice
Marlene Tillah
I'm new to this online buying of medicine. but I can say that this company is efficient because it can give the needs that our physical pharmacy cant provide personally. Thank you so much
Delia Saguil
I have seen how GetMeds has progressed from the first time (July 2020) I ordered my medicines and health supplies. The company is efficient and very helpful. Online ordering is a breeze and staff confirmation and follow-through is fast. Packaging follows the standard sanitary process. Commending Elaiza....good job!
jennifer b
1st time user here and their portal is user friendly. The meds I ordered for my mom, who is living away from me and alone in an urban area, has been delivered on the same day, inspite of Bagyong Fabian. Awesome Team. Thanks a lot for saving my day from a lot of hassle. ????
Melinda Macaraig
I am thankful for the help from Getmeds. It's my 2nd time around of orders and all are in good conditions. Very accommodating to talk with the needs and details of all orders. Get into them now. Good prices and organized online website. Thank you Getmeds.