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Opthamax 500mg
MRP ₱ 27.90
₱ 21.12
Rhea Sodium Chloride 1 g
₱ 7.00
Advil 200 mg
₱ 8.73
Neozep Non-Drowsy 10mg / 500mg
₱ 7.00
Alaxan FR 325mg/200mg
₱ 8.73
16% OFF
Parasaph 500mg
MRP ₱ 2.77
₱ 2.33
Sleepasil 500mg
₱ 14.96
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Diatabs 2mg
MRP ₱ 9.92
₱ 8.00
Cetzy 10mg
₱ 3.49
Neozep Forte 10mg / 2mg / 500mg
₱ 5.82

Covid Essentials

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ImmunPro 500 mg / 27.5 mg
MRP ₱ 14.75
₱ 12.50
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Xtracee Plus 562.54 MG
MRP ₱ 8.70
₱ 7.50
GreenCross 70% Isopropyl alcohol 500ml
₱ 95.00
Pulse Oximeter Adult 1's
₱ 900.00
Casino Regular Ethyl Alcohol 150ml
₱ 32.93
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Sterile Gloves 7.5
MRP ₱ 25.74
₱ 22.74
Face Shield 1's
₱ 14.00
Berocca Mixed Berries 15's
₱ 288.07
Latex Gloves Small 2's
₱ 13.00
Latex Gloves Large 2's
₱ 14.00


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Mdbrox 30 mg/5 ml
MRP ₱ 61.23
₱ 45.00
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Centramed 100 mg
MRP ₱ 15.12
₱ 9.60
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Salresp-I 2.5mg/500 mcg/2.5ml
MRP ₱ 27.36
₱ 15.60
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Cetaphil Cleanser 250 ml
MRP ₱ 589.00
₱ 480.00
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Bonazil 25mg
MRP ₱ 16.02
₱ 8.15
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Sqcef 125 mg/5ml
MRP ₱ 297.00
₱ 200.00
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Sqcef 250mg/5ml
MRP ₱ 297.00
₱ 200.00
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Betacard 6.25 mg
MRP ₱ 15.40
₱ 10.00
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C-Lium 500 mg
MRP ₱ 5.62
₱ 3.88
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Dopamine 250 mg
MRP ₱ 26.77
₱ 14.40

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nakonek na sa human chat rep pero pagkatanong sakin ng full name ko, di na ko binalikan. di na sinagot mga tanong ko. very poor customer service
It took me few hrs to place an order. I used the app and was getting an error saying unable to load payments info. I was sure what happened. Then I decided to use the website and finally It went thru. Although, when I check the my orders tab, it shows no record, but when I check my wallet tab it shows I was debited for placing a
Krupa Dhananjaya
Very good service,got my meds fast, thank you ????
James Prior
The service is good for the drugs that they carry. However for drugs not carried they have not got back to me. The chat bot cannot help and has failed to connect me with a human. I cannot reach them on FB Messenger. I am deaf so being able to message is critical for me. I have placed my second order but there are several dru
App is easy to use and medicines I need are on their list with multiple generic options. Their telemarketer is also a big help in completing my purchase.
Very helpful especially this pandemic. I already ordered twice here for the medicines of my brother and i'm surprised they also have antibiotics here you just need to upload prescription by the doctor or send it through email and then they will call you or text for the confirmation of your orders. I also had a little issue on my
Very satisfied with the service, very professional. To advice
Marlene Tillah
I'm new to this online buying of medicine. but I can say that this company is efficient because it can give the needs that our physical pharmacy cant provide personally. Thank you so much