97 New Delta Variant Cases are Detected in The Philippines

On July 29, The Department of Health announced the detection of 97 more cases of the highly transmissible coronavirus new delta variant in the Philippines. As per the DOH, 88 are local cases of the new variant, and 6 are returning overseas Filipinos, and 6 are still pending to get verified. 

As in ROFs, 2 are seafarers of MT Clyde and Barge Claudia tied off Albay, and 4 are crew members of MV Vega that reached from Indonesia. 

Three cases have been marked in fatalities, and 94 cases have been recovered. Also, the agency said DOH is trying to coordinate with the individual local government members to manage other data, including exposure and vaccination status.

The Philippines presently has 216 recognized cases of the highly transmissible variant. However, there are interests that the actual number may be far more necessary, as the Philippine Genome Center is only sequencing a small percentage of the positive states.

The DOH further stated the detection of 83 cases of the Alpha variant, 127 cases of the Beta variant, and 22 new cases of the P3.

This indicates that the nation presently has 1,858 cases of the Alpha variant, 2,146 cases of the Beta variant, and 266 cases of the Theta variant.

Approximately a month after announcing the Philippines as “low risk” for COVID-19, the DOH on Thursday said that the Philippines follows the “medium risk” group due to increased viruses.

Despite specialists’ advice to put the Philippines following a “circuit breaker” lockdown, the state has saved virus epicenter Metro Manila and other cities under general community quarantine (GCQ) “with raised limitations” until August 15.

On July 28, the Philippines had 1,566,667 verified COVID-19 cases, with 27,401 deaths and 1,484,714 recoveries. Of the total, 54,552 are current cases or currently infected.

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