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Best Supplements and Vitamins for Kids to Prevent Covid-19

The recent COVID-19 pandemic leads to various symptoms, including fever, dry cough, cold, or extreme symptoms requiring urgent medical advice such as breathing difficulty and confusion. While providing the best care to kids in this pandemic, you may need to strengthen your child’s immunity. Children’s vitamins work as the best supplements to boost a child’s immune system. It comes with a mixture of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and iron. To get the supplement, visit an online drugstore in the Philippines to get them delivered to your doorstep.

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What are the vitamins for kids to prevent COVID-19?

There are different vitamins for kids available to avoid the covid-19 virus. Vitamin and supplements play a vital role in fighting against the covid-19 infection. Here are the 14 different vitamins for kids mentioned, including: 

  1. Immunopro
  2. Xtracee Plus
  3. Forti-D
  4. Fern C
  5. Conzace
  6. Potencee sugar free
  7. Berocca orange
  8. Potencee forte
  9. Ceelin
  10. Tiki Tiki


ImmunoPro 500 MG,27.5 MG sodium vitamin c flap

This Immunopro nutritional supplement is for the treatment and prevention of vitamin C and zinc deficiencies. It is mainly come for adults and children, as the dosage differs as per the age. Usually, doctors or healthcare providers prescribe it once a day. Immunopro is counted as the best supplement to boost a child’s immune system during this pandemic.


Xtracee Plus 562.54 MG Sodium Ascorbate + Zinc Sulfate flap

Xtracee Plus contains sodium ascrobate and zinc sulfate that helps to treat vitamin C and zinc deficiency. Xtracee plus helps to boost the immune system of the children and works as the best multivitamin for kids. In contrast, zinc sulfate serves to improve the flow of blood by fighting viruses. 


Forti-D 800 IU Colecalciferol vitamin d flap

Fort-D contains Colecalciferol that is the best vitamin D for covid immunity. This Vitamin D supplement Fort D helps to serve children with bone diseases and chronic diseases. In adults, it helps to treat diabetes and high blood pressure.

Fern C

Fern-C 500 MG vitamin c flap

Fern C helps to prevent and treat vitamin C deficiency. There are advances in wound healing and improved body resistance from dangerous diseases;  Fern C works as healthy gums, teeth, bones, and other connective tissues. Children need to take it daily as prescribed by doctors.

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Conzace 500 MG

Only Conzace supplement has a different Vitamin A, C, E, and Zinc formulation that strengthens immunity and improves skin and hair health. Conzace benefits stimulate your immune system, most notably your white blood cells. 

Potencee Sugar-Free

Potencee Sugar-Free 500mg

Potencee sugar-free contains ascorbic acid and vitamin C, which protect the body from COVID-19 infection. It works as the best vitamin for 12 years old children and also for adults. Potencee sugar-free boosts the healthy immune system, skin, and hair.

Berocca Orange

Berocca Orange 10's

Berocca orange medication contains multivitamins and minerals. It is used to treat or prevent vitamin deficiency due to poor diet, chronic illnesses, or pregnancy. Berocca orange vitamins are essential building blocks of the body and help to keep good health.

Potencee Forte

Potencee Forte 1000mg

Potencee forte helps boost immunity against cough and cold and other upper respiratory diseases. Potencee Forte helps to treat vitamins for covid immunity, boosts healthy hair and skin.


Ceelin 120ml

Ceelin includes ascorbic acid that helps to treat vitamin C deficiency in children. Ceelin supplement works as the best vitamin for kids in the Philippines and comes in a bottle which is essential to get prescribed by the doctors before using it.

Tiki Tiki 

Tiki Tiki 30ml

Tiki Tiki comes as a multivitamins syrup that contains vitamin B, C, D, and E. Tiki Tiki is one of the best vitamins for children’s immune systems in the Philippines and can be purchased from an online drugstore or pharmacy, as a doctor recommends this for children and adults.


Children and teens profoundly select the best vitamins and minerals to protect them from a pandemic, but it is more helpful to have a proper diet and supplements. Before taking any supplements, consult the doctor about the dosage and other recommendations.

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