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Dry Cough Treatment And Medications Available In The Philippines

Coughing is a common way of cleaning the larynx and lungs of irritants. An unusual dry cough is a matter of concern; however, coughing for more than 1 week may lead to doctor consultation. Try to take your online medicine as per the doctor’s recommendation.

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What is dry cough?

It is one kind of cough that does not produce any phlegm excretion of mucus. It may produce an itching feeling and is usually due to soreness in the throat. It is also called a non-productive cough that produces phlegm which clears the airways. Specialists further say coughs are dry cough covid, chronic cough, or acute cough if they continue longer than 2 weeks.

What is the best medicine for dry cough in the Philippines?

There are many possible reasons to get a cough; it’s difficult to answer which is the best cough and cold OTC medicine to cure. Many individuals find relief from the symptoms in 1-2 days, but many individuals need to get doctor recommendations for itchy throat and dry cough syrup. The treatment will vary entirely as per the pre-existing symptoms and other medical conditions. Here is the list of the following dry cough medicines in the Philippines:

  1. Robitussin DM
  2. Ceascol
  3. Solmux 
  4. Vicks Inhaler
  5. Saphroxol

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Best medicines for dry cough in the Philippines 

Drug Name

Drug Class Administration Route Common side effects

Robitussin DM 



Dizziness, Nausea




Headache, Nausea




Nausea, Dizziness

Vicks Inhaler 

Bornyl Acetate


Watery Eyes

Saphroxol Ambroxol Oral

Dry mouth

Robitussin DM 60ml

This over-the-counter medicine provides relief from cough or throat soreness to both adults and kids. Robitussin DM syrup comes in a liquid bottle that contains dextromethorphan HBr, guaifenesin, and alcohol that treats to lose the mucus and spit it out.

Ceascol 125mg/5ml

ceascol cough and cold medicine

Ceascol holds carbocisteine in a liquid syrup bottle that usually comes for kids. Ceascol syrup treats the cough by taking it twice a day. While using it, read the leaflets before taking medicine; it doesn’t contain any side effects; if you find any symptoms, consult your family doctor promptly.

Solmux Syrup 200mg/5ml

Solmux Syrup for Cough and cold

Solmux syrup helps to remove mucus from the throat. Solmux syrup melts phlegm and removes the extra bacteria with phlegm. It usually shows a result by taking 1-2 weeks regularly. It is one of the most used dry cough medicine for kids in the Philippines.

Vicks Inhaler 0.5ml

vicks inhaler

To relieve a stuffy nose, it contains ingredients including bornyl acetate, camphor, lavender mil, Menthol, and methyl aalicylate. As Vicks inhaler also helps clear the cough from the throat, mainly Vicks used as a dry cough medicine for adults in the Philippines.


Saphroxol cough syrup

Saphroxol holds the salt called ambroxol that helps to fight against infection or viral diseases. Saphroxol syrup, the best cough syrup for dry cough in the Philippines, includes an active component to rid the mucus of producing relief in the sore throat. 

How to cure dry cough?

It usually takes time as per individual symptoms and available treatment. There are some of the following points are available to cure the cough that includes:

  1. Honey
  2. Steam
  3. Drinking hot tea
  4. Sleep elevated

1. Honey – Taking a teaspoon of honey with herbal tea can provide soothing to the throat, as honey also helps to provide anti-inflammatory resources that work as the best home remedies for cough and cold.

2. Steam- Taking hot water steam twice a day can help eliminate a cough that provides relief in the body’s respiratory organs and other parts. Taking 10-15 minutes, steam can help clear the throat, as recommended by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

3. Drinking hot tea or soup- Drinking hot herbal tea or veggie soup may provide instant relief to the throat and helps to fight against viral infections, including cough, cold, or flu.

4. Sleep elevated- While coughing, taking an extra pillow helps pop the head to ease cough produced by acid reflux. 

How to treat dry cough?

There are various reasons to get a dry hacking cough: asthma disease, viral infections, or other conditions. Consult the doctor for the prescribed inhaler or other dry cough medicines to control the symptoms. Healthcare will help you provide a few suggestions to relieve the dry cough symptoms, especially sleep loss. Here are some common treatments that include:

  1. Cough suppressants
  2. Cough expectorants
  3. Decongestants

1. Cough suppressants medicine in the Philippines

Cough suppressants refer to a medication group called antitussives, with the most used current ingredient called dextromethorphan. Cough suppressants provide dry cough and itchy throat medicine to ease the throat and cough.

2. Cough expectorants medicine in the Philippines

Cough expectorants are generally practiced for moist coughs to clear-thin any phlegm in your throat. The over-the-counter drug is available in online pharmacies in the Philippines with famous brands to treat any cough. 

3. Decongestants medicine in the Philippines

Decongestants can reduce post nasal drip and inflammation from allergy conditions. It helps to provide relief to the nose by drying out nasal passages to breathe easier. It should not be used without doctor consultation.


A dry and hacking cough can be highly irritating; however, it isn’t a symptom of anything severe. Most maximum coughs can be healed at home with OTC medicines. Various home remedies are also available to cure dry cough causes, including saltwater gargle and steam.

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