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The Best Home Remedies for Cough and Cold for Adults and Babies

Somewhere cold and cough is also an essential thing for the body to clear airways in response. But coughing may also keep your discomfort all day and night. Sometimes, it feels so miserable. Try the natural home remedies for cough and cold or over-the-counter cough and cold medicines to say goodbye to the respiratory infection.

What are the home remedies for cough and cold?

Suppose you are struggling with a cough and cold, then no worry because most coughs clear up independently with or without treatment. In the meantime, you can cure cough and cold with OTC medicines and also with several home remedies. So here are the most known home remedies for cough and cold, including:

  1.  Steam
  2. Honey Tea
  3. Ginger
  4. Liquids
  5. Marshmallow root


A cough with mucus or phlegm may irritate you. Steam remedy for cough and cold can help you clear the throat and remove excessive amounts of mucus. Take a bath with warm water to fill with steam for a few minutes. Drink a glass of warm water a day. You can also use a steam vaporizer to take steam frequently, which can easily be available at an online pharmacy. There are different ways to take steam:

  • Pour hot water in a large bowl, take steam for 5 minutes.
  • Add essential oils or any herbal drops in hot water to relieve decongestion.
  • While taking steam, cover your head with a towel and lean over the large bowl to take steam effectively. If the vapor seems hot on the skin, stop until the skin calms down. 

Honey Tea:

The studies stated that different kinds of honey tea are natural cough remedies, producing the most critical relief, cough and cold remedies served by dextromethorphan. Although the advantages of the honey show mixed results on the body but to treat cough, use honey in 3 ways:

  • Mix 2 teaspoons of honey with warm water or any herbal tea.
  • Drink this mix-up twice a day, i.e., morning and evening.
  • Do not provide honey tea to children under 1 year of age.


Ginger, natural cough remedies may relieve a dry cough and cold, as it has anti-inflammatory qualities that help produce relief from pain. In warm water, mix 20-40 grams of fresh ginger, add honey or lemon to make a better taste to soothe a dry cough. Ginger tea may cause side effects such as heartburn or stomach upset.


Staying hydrated is one of the most important remedies for cough and cold. Drinking liquids provides an ease to the cough, sneezing, and runny nose. Hot beverages also help prove better to the symptoms such as sore throat, chills, and fatigue.

Hot beverages that may be therapeutic include:

  • hot soup
  • herbal teas
  • black tea
  • warm liquid
  • warm fruit extracts

Marshmallow root :

You can use a marshmallow root as a cough syrup for the cough and sore throat treatment; it is a long history known natural cough remedies, a continuing root that relieves respiratory tract infections. Take Over-the-counter medicines from the drugstore, use the syrup for two weeks; you’ll get complete relief from cough with the marshmallow root effectiveness. It may contain side effects such as stomach upset. 

What are the home remedies for cold and cough for babies?

Colds and coughs are well-known in babies and young children. It helps to make your kids strong by fighting with the immune system. To make babies comfortable during cough and to manage symptoms, try these home remedies, including:

  1. Vapor rub
  2. Essential oil
  3. Turmeric milk
  4. Saltwater gargle
  5. Holy basil

Apply vapor rub:

Rubbing a balm on babies’ chests may provide relaxation to the baby. But before applying vapor rub, consult the pediatrician. You can also rub a balm on a child’s feet; never put the vapor rub on the child’s face or under their nose.

Use essential oils:

Nowadays, herbal products are growing because of the effectiveness of their natural ingredients in easing cough and cold. But before using any essential oils remedy for cough and cold to the baby, always consult the doctor about the dosage and other recommendations.

Turmeric milk:

Turmeric has purifying resources and is an efficient medicine for diseases like cold and cough. Take a cup of warm milk with one tablespoon of turmeric. Make your kid drink it before sleeping at night. This warm milk drink provides immediate relief to sore throat and cough.

Saltwater gargle:

Saltwater gargling may help to smooth the throat of the kids. Take warm water with one tablespoon of salt, use it for a gargle. Teach your child to do it properly. 

Holy basil:

Holy basil or tulsi is a powerful natural remedy for cough and cold. Collect 4-5 tulsi leaves and add tulsi leaves in a cup of water. Boil the liquid and keep it at room temperature. Now, add a little honey, then provide this holy basil drink to your child.


Coughing is a widespread symptom in adults, children, and babies and can last for weeks. Cold and cough may seem severe and can disrupt sleep, but to cure the symptoms, try the remedy for cough and cold at home.

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