How To Maintain Good Communication With Children About Cancer Prognosis

Interacting with the child about the sibling’s, grandparents, parents, or any other loved one’s cancer as well as the challenges of a cancer diagnosis along with how it will impact the family is not easy, however, is necessary. As the parent, you are the best judge when it comes to considering how to chat with your kid about this. The very first interaction about cancer is usually the toughest, but by supporting them, displaying their emotions and speaking honestly, you make it convenient for them to feel secure and safe.

In case you don’t engage with your kids, they might consequently learn of its diagnosis from other people or through overhearing the conversation. Rather, be the first to share this news since this way, they will get a more helpful and accurate picture. Having said that, always remember that there is no need for you to discuss everything, all at once. Don’t talk beyond their understanding level or attention span as various interactions over time often work better in engaging with the kids.

Listen to the fears of your children about cancer prognosis – 

  • Offer them tiny bits of news, eventually building up the picture of the illness.
  • Make sure to comprehend that unusual or naughty behaviour might be their way to show how perturbed they are.
  • Don’t forget that their fears of what may happen can be even worse than the actual situation.
  • Make it a point to not keep secrets as even small kids can assume when something goes wrong.
  • Always remember that not knowing or uncertainty might be tougher for them to cope with as compared to the truth.

Firstly, set up a quiet time to ensure a non-disturbing interaction – 

You might wish to interact with the child alone for making the information tailored to his/her understanding and age. Also, this can assist the parent to pay close attention to how every child replies. Moreover, the child might be more willing to ask queries while being away from possible distractions and other children.

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Choose the time when you feel fairly patient for talking to your child – 

In case people feel unsure about what to say or upset, it may be better to wait till the emotions are a little under control. In terms of child and cancer, in the 2-parent household, a good idea for the parents would be to interact with their kids together. For a single parent, it might assist to ask your friend or adult relative who is a consistent, stable influence in your kid’s life for being with them in case they feel a bit quivery about the conversation.

Needless to say, cancer affects an entire family. Parents might feel they are safeguarding their kids by hiding the cancer diagnosis. However, cancer is not something one can quickly hide, nor should one do that. Keeping a secret like this can cause extra strain on yourself as well as your family at a time when you are required to aim at healing.


Advantages of talking it out – 

There are a lot of advantages to involving teenagers and children as well as being open. 

  • It offers them permission to interact and they can say how they are feeling, ask queries, and chat openly with you.
  • Knowing what is going on might make them feel less anxious and more secure.
  • Not only does it help you in telling the kids about cancer and its myths, but it can also make you guys feel closer as your kids can support you and you can do the same for them too.
  • It signified that you rely upon them as well as that you don’t feel the need to guard what you mention all the time.
  • This may assist them in coping better with tough life situations.

Interacting with your kids permits you to gain control over the information’s presentation and create a clear picture for them. Your kid will learn that you have always got their back and they can trust you for being honest with them. All in all, the children will learn a lot about how the families can pull together during tough situations as well as overcome challenges.

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