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Check Out These 5 Valuable Home Remedies And Soothe Colicky Kids

Colic is described as the condition distinguished by recurring episodes of crying that is not often caused by the medical issue however mostly takes place during the evening for over 3 hours daily. The real cause of Colic is not clear, however, some pediatricians recommend that it might be due to the neurological immaturity or kids finding it hard for getting accustomed to an environment outside the womb which makes them experience impatience for the shorter period.

Since its causative factor is varied, there is not an appropriate treatment plan. The pediatricians suggest plenty of Home remedies for comforting the babies as well as reducing the crying episodes by finding out its triggers.

Here are some techniques which might help in calming your Colicky kid –

Get out the gas – Excessive gas is a theory that causes this problem. Hold the legs of your baby up to his chest for a few minutes so that the gas can be taken out. Frequent burping during feedings might help as well.

Make some changes in your diet – In case you are breastfeeding, try to eliminate dairy or gas-inducing vegetables such as cauliflower and cabbage. In addition to this, limit the caffeine intake as well as an attempt at giving up the spicy foods. In case the crying habit of your New born baby does not better in some weeks, you can go back to the normal diet.

Carry them – Kids with colic usually respond well in terms of being held. Needless to say, it is comforting for the baby to be close to you. Holding the baby for longer periods early during the day may help decrease colic in the evening times.

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Shift the positions – More often, parents try to cradle the colicky kid face-up, however, that might not help. Rather, hold his/her face down with the hand under his/her belly as well as his/her head on your forearm. Pressure on his/her tummy can assist in relieving uncomfortable gas.

Make sure your kid is well-rested – Closely watch the signs of your New born baby and make it a point that he/she does not get overtired. Generally, newborns should be back to their beds within 1-2 hours of waking up. The good sign that you caught the baby in time is that he/she goes to the bed without any hassle. In case he/she is continuously crying, it means that you missed the window. So next time, try to put him/her down 15 minutes earlier.

Colic is not the condition that should cause any kind of worry in the parents. The consistent crying might be tough to deal with, however, it rarely lasts for a long time than the starting 6 months. Do not forget that your kid will soon outgrow this phase and it is just a matter of time that he/she will be smiling and happy again along with you being more at ease than you can think of.

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