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Include Fish Oil in your Regular Diet and Enjoy Outstanding Skin and Hair Benefits

One of the most premeditated nutrients is Omega-3 fats. These fats are found in certain seeds, seafood, walnuts, fatty fish, and plant oils. There are mainly three types of omega-3 fats that exist- docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). But omega-3 fats found in fish oil are more healthful than those found in other foods. Not only for health benefits, but Omega-3 fats found in fish oil are notable for their skin and hair benefits. Apart from fighting depression, inflammation, heart disease, fish oil benefits skin and hair abundantly. Fish oil is extracted from fish tissue and it has a concentration of omega-3 fatty acids. Our body needs omega-3 fatty acids to operate perfectly. Apart from omega-3s, fish oil additionally includes a number of vital vitamins.

Fish oil benefits for hair

Experts suggest people eat fish or fish oil supplements as it can promote hair growth and in certain cases, it can also prevent hair from abrupt falling. The omega-3 found in the oil extracted from fatty fish includes essential proteins that provide adequate nutrients to your hair follicles and skin. One of the essential fish oil benefits for hair is that it can reduce inflammation in the hair follicle and aids hair falls. Taking fish oil supplements also boosts blood circulation in the scalp area and proper blood circulation boosts hair growth. A study says that women and men who take fish oil supplement regularly have experienced a remarkable increase in their hair growth with reduced hair loss.

Another study shows that topical application of mackerel-derived fermented fish oil (FFO) can significantly stimulate hair growth in those who are suffering from hair loss problems. Research says that taking fish oil dosage with additional antioxidants can promote the hair density in both men and women. Again application of fish oil also enhances the smoothness of hair and adds bright lustre making it healthier. However, applying fish oil on hair can be irritating for some as it has an unpleasant odour.

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One of the easier ways of including fish oil into your routine is to introduce more fatty fishes like herring, salmon, mackerel etc in your menu. But if you are bothered with fishy smell during consuming fish, you can choose the odourless way of taking fish oil in the form of dietary supplements. For safety concerns, it suggested taking advice from your physician before you add a new vitamin or supplement into your regular meal plan.

How fish oil benefits skin?

Fish oil benefits skin in diverse ways, here are some examples-

Protects against sun damage

Fish oil has a great dose of Omega-3 fatty acids which have the excellent potentiality to protect your skin and hair against the sun’s damaging ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB) radiations. Researches have revealed that supplementing with a blend of DHA and EPA fatty acids may decrease the skin’s sensation to ultraviolet (UV) rays. In one meagre research, members who ate 4 grams of EPA for 3 months, their sunburn resistance got improved by 136%. In another research, the topical application of EPA- and DHA-rich sardine oil on the skin after UVB can reduce skin redness by 25%. Fish oil benefits skin again by decreasing the austerity of signs of several photosensitivity diseases such as skin rashes or fluid-filled sacs after UV exposure.

Reduces acne

If you eat fatty fish or fish oil supplements that have sufficient dose of omega-3 fatty acids, your skin will be saved from the severity of acne issues. Omega-3s have been proven to decrease inflammation and a brand-new data hints that acne may be fundamentally conceived by inflammation. Therefore, omega-3s may obliquely fight acne problems. Several types of research have inscribed a reduction in acne sores when supplementing with omega-3s, either individually or in combination with additional nutrients. Fish oil supplements additionally subdue the side effects of isotretinoin, a drug usually applied to heal severe or resistant acne. Fish oil benefits for men and women in treating acne is really significant.

Protects against dry, red, or itchy skin

Fish oil and its omega-3 properties can treat red, dry or itchy skin through offering sufficient moisturization and heal several dermatological issues like atopic dermatitis and psoriasis. Experts believe that omega-3s can improve skin barrier function and seal moisture while blocking irritants. One study has shown that men and women who eat fish oil supplements experienced a 39% improvement in skin hydration. It is believed that fish oil can treat rough and sensitive skin. Taking best fish oil pills with the dosage of omega-3s can reduce the chance of atopic dermatitis in infants. It can also improve conditions like psoriasis in grown-ups.


Fish oil has other skin and hair benefits such as accelerating wound healing, reducing the risk of skin cancer and boosting hair growth and reducing hair loss. Fish oil properties are often found in skincare products and hair products. So if you are wondering about How to use fish oil for skin? you can either apply products topically over your skin or take fish oil supplements or eat fatty fishes regularly. Proper intake of fish oil serves you with active nutrients along with wholesome fatty acids such as omega-3 which aids your health in diverse possible ways. Fish oil enhances the quality of your skin and also reduces various skin-related issues. People who are facing hair loss problems or want to get better volume in hair can use products like hair oils, serums, shampoo and conditioner that includes fish oil properties and omega-3s.

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