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10 Best Inner Child Healing Exercises and Meditation Process

“I’m in the way.”

“I’m not permitted to do what I require.”

“I must obey.”

“I can’t do it alone.”

These can ultimately be feelings introduced to you during childhood that trouble you and your hurt inner child still sticks to. These slogans keep you back and cause you to not work in various sections of your life.

What exactly is your inner child?

The inner child performs the childish appearance of your inner self. It lies deep in your mind and continually tells you to overcome emotions or unwanted demands from your adolescence. Also, if you had a joyful childhood, there would have been times when your demands were not satisfied, times when your inner child was hurt.

Top 10 Inner Child Healing Exercises

Write down everything that occurs in your brain. Go one by one by recognizing essential people. Healing from the inner child takes time but go through these 10 points for a good start:

  1. Do a body scan
  2. Draw your inner child
  3. Write it down
  4. Meditation
  5. Childhood pictures
  6. Strengthen your childhood
  7. Self-love
  8. Work on the problems
  9. Ask for help from others
  10. Talk to the therapist

Do a body scan

Relax your mind and scan your complete peace. Nurture your inner child in front of your mind and start questioning his problems.

you might ask:

  • What does your inner child want? 
  • How is he? 
  • What difficulties does it have?

Draw your inner child

Sometimes, it can be hard to visualize your inner child and recognize all the pains you experienced in your childhood. In such situations, it is essential to produce a drawing of your inner child. Around the picture, write down sentences and conditions that hurt you. 

Try to draw a major concern:

  • Vulnerability
  • Rejection
  • Shame

Please write it down

If you are more learned, you can communicate with your inner child entirely by writing papers. Create a small fictional letter by first defining your queries from the perspective of your previous self and suddenly allowing your inner adult answer one day later. 

A few questions you can ask:

  • How do you feel?
  • How can I help you?
  • What do you need from me?

Healing Meditation

The benefits of inner child healing meditation are numerous. During meditation, you learn to listen to yourself and to perceive your feelings and sensations consciously. If you make your inner child the center of your meditation, you may find it easier to recognize the problems of your younger self.

You can try inner child healing meditation:

  • Loving-kindness meditation
  • Visualization meditation

Look at childhood pictures.

The family album allows lots of stuff to treat your inner child. Look at photos of yourself and decide to memorize the situation in which this photo was captured.

Try to focus on:

  • Were you happy or sad?
  • Angry or downright cheerful?

Strengthen your inner child

Try to think about your favorite work you did during your childhood. Try to memorize the best part of our journey and ask the inner child about that.

Try to entertain yourself:

  • Jumping in puddles
  • Playing board games
  • Ordering a waffle ice cream
  • Playing with other children

Practice self-love

Imagine what you would have wanted to hear from someone as a child and be that person yourself. Please continue with your inner child to areas where it was never allotted to go and complete your wishes.

Always speak short sentences to yourself like:

  • You are safe with me
  • I will take care of you

Work on your problems

When addressing your child, you can essentially bring the crushed emotions to the surface and kill your guilt. If you have never been able to maintain a relationship because of your inner child, you should learn it to empower your internal adult to practice the actions.

Try to remember while working on your problems:

  • Communicating emotions
  • Setting limits to others
  • Loving yourself

Ask for help from others

You should not feel shy from sharing your problems with your loved ones. Deep-seated injuries are usually not immediately treated. Simply to get inner child healing therapy to try to share your problems with:

  • Loved ones
  • Friends
  • Family

Talk to a therapist

Therapists try to build a safe place to start navigating this emotional disturbance and get healthy plans for improving your inner child. Inner child healing therapy typically sees how childhood activities and past experiences can transform your life, relationships, and overall well-being.

In front of the therapist:

  • Talk from past to present
  • Show your good and bad phase
  • Listen to the advice
  • Follow the therapist recommendation 


When wants for love, attention, praise, and other types of warm care go unmet in childhood, the trauma that affects can continue well into your adult life. However, it’s never too late to fix. You can confirm these needs by nurturing your inner child, learn to show emotions in healthy habits, and develop self-compassion and self-esteem.

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