Teen Pregnancy: Meaning, Causes, Symptoms, and Statistics

Pregnancy is the term that every woman gets, which lasts about 40 weeks or over 9 months, as estimated from the final menstrual period to delivery. You can get contraceptive pills and protection through online medicine delivery with a same-day delivery option. Before using it, you can read the entire uses and procedures to follow; consult the healthcare experts for more details.

What is teenage pregnancy?

Teenage pregnancy defines a pregnancy in which a woman can get 19 years of age or younger. Teen pregnancy is also called adolescent pregnancy. A teenager can get pregnant when she has vaginal sex with a male body and gets regular monthly periods.

Teen pregnancy may produce complications that can lead to delivering a premature baby. For teens who have sex during pregnancy may get chlamydia infection, and HIV so it’s essential to use a latex condom during intercourse that will help to prevent STDs or other health concerns which may infect the uterus and child. 

What are the symptoms of teen pregnancy?

There are no specified symptoms you will get while becoming pregnant. While becoming pregnant, you may miss your monthly period or get light blood. Checking with a pregnancy kit or following a period cycle calculator will help you to know the pregnancy report. You may get different problems of teenage pregnancy; here are the symptoms you may get while you become pregnant that include:

  • skipped or very delicate period
  • breast tenderness
  • sickness
  • vomiting
  • perceptive lightheaded
  • swelling 
  • feeling tired
  • fainting
  • weight gain

How to prevent teenage pregnancy in the Philippines?

There are different methods available to prevent pregnancy, for that the researcher studies has already launched the protection and contraceptive products that include

Teenage pregnancy can easily be prevented with this prevention. You should also know the uses, signs, and side effects. Here are the other methods to prevent the teenage pregnancy that includes:


Conducting youth social development seminars in college to school can improve teenagers’ skills and help avoid the risks of early sexual problems. Youth social development aware the teenager not to get pregnant at an early age. 


Comprehensive sex-education programs present the different methods to prevent pregnancy and STDs, also discuss the effective protection methods to avoid the contraceptive pills. Many programs were shown to improve teenage sexual education significantly.

teenage pregnancy philippines effects and risks

What are the causes of teenage pregnancy?

There are different causes of teenage pregnancy, including body changes or mental or physical patience. Here are the lists of causes of teenage pregnancy that includes:

  • Didn’t have proper knowledge about reproductive, menstrual, and sexual health.
  • Community, family and social people pressure to marry at an early age.
  • Lack of education in school
  • Didn’t use the sexual protection with partners
  • sexual violence
  • early decision in life
  • forget to take contraceptive pills at the required time.

What are the statistics of teenage pregnancy in the Philippines?

According to the Civil Registration and Vital Statistics System Statistics Authority, the teenage pregnancy in the Philippines has recorded 180,916 live births among adolescents aged 10 to 19 in 2019. The figure of teenage pregnancy in the Philippines is comparable to 495 live births per day in the 10 to 19 age group.

According to the briefer, such pregnancies may result from “coercion and unequal power relations between girls and older men. Only 3% of all live births within the adolescent age group are fathered by men of the same age group, based on the January 2020 Policy Brief by the United Nations Population Fund Philippines. 

Teenage pregnancy in the Philippines facts:

Every year, 21 million girls aged 15–19 years in maturing areas become pregnant, and approximately 12 million deliver birth. In developing countries, at least 777,000 births occur to adolescent girls younger than 15 years.

FAQs regarding teenage pregnancy

Is it bad for a teenager to get pregnant?

There is no often when you do something wrong. Every problem has a solution, mainly teen pregnancy may create health problems for the child and mother. Teenage pregnancy may lead to complications for the child, and may lead to a premature baby.

What is the main problem of teenage pregnancy?

Different problems lead to teenage pregnancy that may include:

How do you tell your parents you’re pregnant at 16?

Parents are the essential people throughout your journey. You may be scared of sharing some topics, but it’s essential to make them aware of your things. You can start the conversation by following these steps that include:

  1. First, find the words. You might start a conversation by saying, “I have something important to inform you.
  2. Be ready to answer their questions 
  3. Provide your parents time to discuss without jumping to your next question. Listen and answer them what they are saying 
  4. Answer them how you are feeling or planning to do. 

How would I know if I’m pregnant without taking a test?

There are different method to know whether you are pregnant or not, firstly if your period is missing or getting light period these symptoms of pregnancy might include:

  1. Missed period. 
  2. Swollen breasts. 
  3. Vomiting.
  4. Fatigue.


If you become pregnant, you should consult your doctor as soon as possible to talk about teenage pregnancy. Knowing your symptoms is essential; you may require instant medical help. Try to follow the precautions to get an instant to relax. 

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