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Female Condoms: How to Use, Advantages and Disadvantages

Female condoms are produced from light, soft, or weak synthetic latex. Femidom can be readily available at any clinic or any drugstore in the Philippines. You can also get online medicine delivery at your doorstep with a same-day delivery option, including contraception products.

What is a female condom?

The term female condom is also called an internal condom or vagina condom that provides a birth control/ contraceptive device that maintains a barrier to keep the female body away from sperm from entering the uterus. It helps to protect the female body against pregnancy and STDs.

The femidom is soft, smooth, perfect-fitting on both ends. In a female condom, two rings are given at both ends to insert the condom, ideally at the right place. The female condom can be practised during anal sex, also.

Where to buy female condoms in the Philippines?

There are different possible ways to get female condoms in the Philippines. There are different brands, and female condom names are available, which you can get an idea from online or consult with sexual experts. Also, it may vary in female condom price as per the pharmacy or clinics or manufacturer. You can buy ladies condoms from different places that include:

How to use a female condom correctly?

how to use female condom

You can read the instructions on the label or leaflets. You can also follow the following step mentioned below or contact the sexual specialists to know more ideas.  

  1. Open the condom packet and extract the condom from it; try not to tear or open with the teeth.
  2. Press the smaller ring at the final end of the condom and place it into the vagina.
  3. The large ring will remain outside at the end of the condom covers, at the opening of the vagina. 
  4. When you protect sex, always notice that the penis is going in the ladies condom in the right direction and the side of the vagina.
  5. After the completion of sex, remove the female condom instantly by lightly dragging it out. You can turn the large ring to restrict semen from flowing out.
  6. Throw your used condom in a dustbin or a garbage bag.

Note: There are no female condom side effects that can be found. Researchers show that females can get rare side effects while using condoms.

If you are using lubricant

Birth control female condoms appear pre-lubricated to make them more natural to practice; however, you may additionally wish to practice extra lube. Examine the package to find out which lubricants are becoming.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of female condoms?

Here is a advantages and disadvantages table that lists:

Advantages Disadvantages
  • Female condoms serve to preserve both partners from STIs and HIV.
  • Female condoms are convincing, though they may break or split if not used correctly.
  • It’s a method of contraception you require to practice when you have sex.
  • They’re not as broadly usable as male condoms and can be more costly.
  • When practised accurately, they’re a safe way of preventing pregnancy. Also, there are no severe side effects.
  • Some couples pick that putting a condom interrupts sex. Decide to inject it in advance or decide to perform it as part of foreplay.

What are the risks of using female condoms?

A female condom is reliable, but there are risks. Research studies have shown that 21 out of 100 women can become pregnant yearly while using female condoms.

The female condom has a more significant failure rate than the male condom. The female condom may not protect you if:

  • The outer ring of the condom becomes pushed into the vagina through sex.
  • The condom splits
  • The penis moves between the vagina and the outer covering of the condom.
  • The condom moves out of the vagina.


Female condoms can easily be used with females; you can easily buy them at any online drugstore in the Philippines. If you get any side effects, symptoms, or any medical emergency, consult the specialists as soon as possible.

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