DOH announces it has previously released P15.7 billion for health operators’ benefits

Over P15.7 billion in profits for healthcare operators has already been paid as of November 26 in the Philippines, the Department of Health said on Sunday.

According to the DOH, the figure included P15,719,085,923, to be precise and was based on the most advanced assurance of allotment, commitment, and balances (SAOB). It was a portion of the P16,229,088,025.2 total amount distributed, “of which the distinction is for reconciliation, DOH announced.

The breakdown of the amount is as regards:

  • P7,915,760,434 in particular uncertainty interests (SRAs) for 486,585 health workers, including the period December 20, 2020, to June 30, 2021
  • P6,555,957,185 in 2020 as SRA for 315,652 medical operators and as effective danger duty pay (AHDP) for 390,662 medical operators
  • P1,231,098,680 for meals, accommodations, and transportation (MAT) benefits for 103,413 healthcare workers

The DOH announced that pending requests for additional SRA funds for the fifth and sixth batches would be decided by the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) once statements for the initial batches had been completely disbursed.

In a similar statement, the DOH explained that it had begun operating with DBM and the Office of the President to acquire funding and the right to grant the MAT to those who had not taken it.

“As these interests were dedicated to be contributed in-kind or as original services, health facilities that were not able to expend these amounts for such idea had opted to recover unspent supplies to the DOH before the year closed, to prevent the return of stocks to the Treasury,” stated the DOH in the report.

According to DOH, following Bayanihan 2, MAT profits’ terms were for the benefit of pharmaceutical operators and to defend their households who are at chance of producing COVID-19.


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