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Importance of Exercise and Mental Health during Covid-19 Pandemic

Exercises help improve mental and physical health during pandemics. It serves to maintain psychic health, the body, and health during this covid pandemic. People who have consistency can effectively beat the pandemic with good health. Throughout the exercise, you have to maintain your diet regularly. 

How long should I exercise during a pandemic at home?

WHO recommends 150 minutes of less stress exercise or 75 minutes of more stress exercise, or a combination of both types of exercises for mental health and COVID-19.

This advice can precisely be performed regularly at the home roof or any place in the home, with no proper tools and insufficient space. Here are the tips to follow how to stay fit and fine during quarantine at home:

Take a short break :

Despite physical activity and weekly exercise targets, take a short-term break during the day to be productive. Playing with kids, dancing, domestic household works: gardening, cleaning, dusting, etc., are the different ways to stay active at home.

Follow online yoga classes:

Join online classes of exercises, yoga, or meditation. If you don’t want to join with extra amounts, you can join YouTube free online classes. Try to produce consistency with your body and health, then achieve your target.  

Maintain your daily walk:

Walking is the best way to provide body working even if small spaces walk around the spaces. If you are talking over call, walk and talk. Walking will help you to remain active for a more extended period. If you walk in outside places, take a 1 hand distance with others and take your walk without touching others. 

Stand or change your sitting posture:

Continuously sitting may make you lazy and tired. So take a break for 20-30 seconds, stand and ease your body, move your hands then again sit back to your work. Try to do it every 30 minutes break; always prioritize your activities such as playing board games or indoor games, reading a book/journal/novels, or doing work other than preliminary work. These activities will help your brain refresh, and then you can work actively back to your primary work.

Relax your body:

Try to follow your routine more adequately, meditate and take deep breaths before going to bed and after waking up. The calmness of meditation will ensure that your body vibrates with positivity, confidence, and fearlessness.  

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Here are some exercises that you can do to stay physically active during pandemic

To maintain the body fit and fine, physically active during quarantine WHO has provided home-based exercises with less to high intensity. 

Standing elbow to knee.

Find your own place to complete the exercise. Touch one knee with the opposite elbow and the other one vice-versa do it for 2-3 minutes, then rest 30-60 seconds, repeat up to 3times, 5times, or 10 times according to your preference. This exercise helps you to increase and maintain your breathing rates.


Lay down on a yoga mat, then pull your body upward with the help of forearms on the area and elbow under the shoulders. Maintain your posture for 20-30 seconds or more if possible. Try to increase it day by day after completion; take a rest for 30-60 seconds before starting the next exercise. This exercise strengthens the belly, arms, and legs.


physical health during pandemic

Back exercise

Lay down on the ground, touch your ear with your fingertips by gently lifting your chest above. Maintain this exercise for 5 minutes, 10 minutes, or 15 minutes according to your preference. Then take a rest for 30 seconds, then again start your following exercises. Exercising during coronavirus such as back extension will strengthen your back muscle pain.

Exercising during coronavirus


Keep your fit at a distance, with the fixed toes, then bend your knees to maintain the front of the distance. Stretch the leg and make your body maintain the posture and move upward to a downward direction. Your back should be straight during the whole exercise. After completion of exercise 5-10, times take a rest for 1 minute. This exercise strengthens the legs and belly fat.

reduce stress in COVID-19

Side knee lifts

Lift the knee from one side and alternate with the other sides, then move your knee with the elbow according to your own pace. Maintain it for 2 minutes, then take a rest for 30 seconds and start following your next exercise. This exercise is the best way to reduce stress in COVID-19, maintain and strengthen back muscles, belly fat, and remove pain in the body.

physical activity during Covid-19


Place your one leg on the ground, and another leg will be straight on a moving surface, then your one hand with the support of your elbow will be on ground along with that one hand will be straight the same one leg is on the moving surface. Perform it 10-15 times for beginners, then increase your cycle. It helps you to reduce your belly fat and back muscle pain. After completion of the exercise, take a rest, then start the next exercise.

reduce stress in COVID-19


Lay down on the ground straight, then lift your body with the help of your knees straight on the ground and try to make both your arms free. Slowly lower the body again, perform the same, then complete it with completion of 5-10 times. This exercise helps to strengthen your body posture and back. After completing the exercise, take a rest and move forward.


exercising during coronavirus

Chair dips

Take one chair, keep it 1/2 meter away, hold the seat with both arms, make your face in an outward direction, then move upper to lower with straight knees. Do this exercise for 10 minutes or repeat it after taking a rest. This exercise helps you to make your triceps.

Chest opener

Stand in a straight posture. Connect then hand fingers with each other at the back of the body. Then stretch your arms and try to open your chest as much as you can. Try to do it for at least 20 seconds. Chest opener physical activity during coronavirus helps to maintain the body active.

mental health of children during covid 19

Child’s pose

Put both the knees on the ground with the help of the hip, make sure the belly touches the ground and thighs, then stretch your hand forward in a lying position. Breathe peacefully for 30 seconds; next, follow your following exercise.

mental health of children during covid 19


Meditation for 2 sec or 10 minutes it’s up to you, but you have to start the meditation process at least from today only. Make sure to sit in the straight position with criss-cross legs. Close your eyes, relax the body and mind then take a deep breath. Do not focus on any thoughts or any process. Stick to the position for 5-10 minutes and clean your soul and inner mind. 


mental health

Legs up the wall

Lay down with the help of a wall. Close your eyes, relax your body, relax mode, then move your leg on the wall( forward direction) and concentrate on a deep breath without thinking of any other concerns. This position helps to make your mind stress-free and active. You can do it for 5 minutes to get the best outcomes.

maintain mental health

How does exercise boost mental health in kids?

  • Exercise boosts the muscles, makes kids feel good, and active mental and physical health during a pandemic. The mental health of children plays a vital role as children only need to include 20 minutes of physical activity to help themselves increase attention to study, reading, and acting.
  • Healthy habits help the child to work effortlessly in every manner and helps to build strong immunity and boost energy. Parents must be careful about the kid’s participants and notice their actions, behaviors, and excitement throughout the day.

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Why is exercise essential for children’s health?

Healthy development and growth:

Kids’ interests must continue with parenting. Throughout healthy growth, nourish the child’s body to be active and robust. The mental health of children during covid 19 must be exercised effectively through parents.

Maintain a healthy weight as per child’s age:

Regular exercise helps children reduce overweight and boost the body’s muscle to keep active mental and physical health during the pandemic. It also helps to maintain the body moving and lively.

Improves heart disease

Exercise helps the heart and boost blood circulation levels. Regular physical activity decreases the risk of heart disease and maintains hypertension, high blood pressure, and diabetes 2.

Develops posture:

Bad posture in children can lead to body pain, back pain, neck pain, and headaches. Regular exercise helps to maintain the body posture more precisely.

Enhances intelligence skills:

Exercise helps children to achieve academic performance. It helps to strengthen the thinking power and enhances the learning power more accurately.

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