Causes and Symptoms of Ear Wax

What are the Causes and Symptoms of Ear Wax?

Have you been seeking solutions to clean ear wax? If yes, it isn’t hard to guess that you’re after ear wax removal. The great news is that I already have the resources sorted for you. Read the following article, and you’ll learn everything about the ear wax issue.

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Earwax: A Brief Overview

Before I get right into ear wax removal, you must have enough idea about the earwax issue. The earwax buildup refers to a situation when the ear canal starts producing a waxy oil which is often termed cerumen. However, the most popular name for this waxy oil is nothing else but earwax. 

This wax loads up with several benefits like protecting the ear from unwanted dust encounters, a range of foreign particles, and even microorganisms. The ear wax also plays a vital role in protecting the ear canal skin from the irritation that water might lead to. However, the situation around ear wax starts getting alarming when the stuff (oil) begins to pile up. This happens when your glands get busy secreting more earwax than necessary.

Earwax: Causes

Now that you’ve got enough information about the issue in general let’s take some time to understand the factors that can lead to the blockage. The most common factor is an individual body’s affinity toward producing earwax. The production alone doesn’t contribute to the block, though. Instead, the leading cause of earwax blockage reverts to our activities. Yes, you read that right. Using cotton swabs, bobby pins, and even earphones regularly can lead to concerns.

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Symptoms of Earwax

The signs of earwax vary significantly. To help you offer the best structure for understanding the symptoms, I’ve considered sectioning the concern in the following ways:

  • Buildup Symptoms
  • Infection Symptoms

Buildup Symptoms:

  • You’ll experience a sudden or, at times, partial hearing loss. Don’t worry; it is usually temporary
  • Experiencing tinnitus. In this case, you’ll start hearing a ringing or buzzing inside your ear
  • You’ll start having a feeling of fullness in the ear
  • Various forms of earache.

Infection Symptoms:

Untreated earwax after buildup can lead to all sorts of infections. To detect the occurrence, you can check for the following:

  • A sense of severe pain (hardly bearable) in your ear. This kind of pain inside your ear usually doesn’t subside
  • Experiencing some drainage from your ear
  • Severe fever out of nowhere
  • Severe coughing
  • Although rare, you may encounter persistent hearing loss
  • Experiencing some coming from your ear
  • Daylong dizziness

Ear Wax Removal: Everything You Need to Know

Ear Wax Removal in philippines

You must understand that you should never try to dig out or eliminate the earwax buildup. Doing so can lead to issues and can even bring severe damages, eventually leading to unwanted situations like hearing loss.

However, before consulting a doctor, you can always try getting rid of the excess earwax yourself with the help of cotton swabs while maintaining the appropriate approach.

So what’s the right way to control ear wax at your home? Read to learn more.

Earwax Softening

The first thing to do is soften the earwax. For that, you can purchase and use some over-the-counter drops. Make sure you choose those which are specifically meant for this purpose. Here are some substances that you can prefer:

  • Carbamide peroxide
  • Any mineral oil
  • Baby oil
  • Glycerin
  • Hydrogen peroxide

Ear Irrigation

Another excellent way for in-house ear wax removal is by opting for the irrigating process. Danger Alert! Never attempt to rinse your blocked ear if the same already bear any form of injury or you’re under any medical procedure.

Also, you can never pick products that we usually use for irrigating other parts of our body like the mouth or teeth. These can produce serious force inside your eardrum and eventually snatch the hearing capability.

Once you’ve access to the perfect products, proceed as follows to conclude the irrigation process.

  • At first, you’ll need to stand or at least sit in an upright sitting position with your head also in a good position.
  • Hold the exterior part of your ear 
  • Gently pull it upward.
  • Now take a syringe, and inject a stream of water (body temperature) into your ear. 
  • Finally, allow some time as the water drains by tipping your head.

Wrapping Up

That’s everything about earwax buildup and ear wax removal. In this article, I’ve walked you through the causes, symptoms, and possible solutions to earwax. You’ve learned the two best in-home approaches that fit the best possible answer to “ear wax removal.” However, I’ll still recommend seeking medical treatment, especially when you’re unable to clear off all the wax and the situation around the blockage is getting irritating over time. 

If you haven’t read the article yet, make sure to do that. Trust me when I say this; the information you’ll find here is crucial for anyone suffering from a blocked ear.


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