Maintain Healthy Habits In The Times Of COVID-19 Crisis And Stay Active

In case you have been in self-isolation for even some days, then it won’t come as a surprise for you that being stuck indoors during the already difficult times can make it simple for slipping into bad habits. You might be obsessively scrolling for hours on Twitter and Instagram or refreshing the news, or drinking like a teenager or on binge-eating. All in all, the time of social distancing is here, as well as the cabin fever has set in already.

Structure and Routine: Creating Certainty - Elite Learning

An unfortunate reality is that none has an idea of how much longer everything may last. That is why it is inevitable to create ways for managing and coping while living with this pandemic. Firstly, think of the rituals as the actions with emotion or meaning attached to them i.e., which keep your day moving along however are filled with pleasure, joy, or any positive emotion.

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Follow a routine

This might come as a surprise, however, a day’s first task must be bed making. By doing the same, you de-clutter the space and that lowers stress level which is significant in the present time of Coronavirus pandemic. Also, this will give you a small sense of pride along with motivating you to perform task after task.

Yes, it may be enticing to stay in the pajamas for the entire day, but being dressed helps you in staying connected to the “normal” routine. It might not be important to dress up the same as in your office attire, however, an easy act of changing the clothing proves to be the gesture of waking up and becoming productive.

Maintaining a healthy structure

The reassurance of the predictable routine helps in calming nerves without you even realizing it. Whenever routine or structure suddenly vanishes due to something that can’t be controlled, it might feel like having the mat pulled out from under you. Also, it is relevant to keep in mind that kids not only require structure, but they also thrive on the same.

Today when Coronavirus has turned our life upside down, having the plan will help us in staying centered along with keeping us focused on the chores at hand. These habits and routines assist people in getting through tough times, recommending that building healthy routines can support with emotional, mental, and physical health during a health crisis like this.

Prioritize sleep

During the current times of extreme stress, your sleep holds the utmost significance. Along with following the routine, another way of ensuring the rest of a healthy night, for both yourself as well as your family, is by staying engaged in being active throughout the day. Storytelling, reading, bath time, massage, and listening to soothing music can promote improved sleep and relaxation.

During these temporary circumstances, it is relevant for you to stay intentional about you would like to spend the time. Always remember that rituals and routines are significant during this crisis as they help you in feeling centered and more in control while guiding you to gain the ownership sense over your time.

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