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Skin Tags: What Are They, And How To Get Rid Of Skin Tags?

Skin tags are common and usually occur after midlife. They hit men and women both. You can remove tags at home using home remedies and over-the-counter products, which you will easily get from an online pharmacy in the Philippines. Using home remedies and OTC products is the best way to get rid of tags; the best advice is never to cut them off.

What are skin tags?

Small growths on the skin lead to tags that look like a wart. It is common in every person’s age. They are painless; they usually are less than 2mm in size, although they can develop much more prominently. They seem soft and round, have a rough texture and uneven surfaces, or look like rice. They are usually located in the creases of the skin, for example, in the armpits, thighs, eyelids, neck, or under the breasts.

What causes skin tags?

If any new cells grow in the uppermost layers of the skin, there are more chances of having the skin tags. It occurs when the skin grows against itself, so it is more evident in overweight people.

Different types of skin tags develop in men, women, older age, and people living daily life with type 2 diabetes. Pregnant women are additionally more likely to produce tags, although they usually disappear later during birth.

How to get rid of skin tags?

There are several home remedies available to get rid of skin tags. Here are the 6 home remedies available:

Tea tree oil

Step1: Clean your face gently

Step2: Use cotton paper to massage the oil over the area.

Step3: Put a bandage over the massaged tags for a night.

Note: Follow this treatment daily until the tag gets dry and falls off.

Apple cider vinegar

Apply apple cider vinegar by dipping the cotton pad and put the cotton pad gently over the tag. Cover the part for 30 minutes, and then clean off your skin through normal water.


To avoid skin tags getting bigger and hurts, use crushed garlic and leave it for a night.

Banana peel

Put a piece of banana peel above the tag; follow this process overnight till the tag clears off.

Vitamin E

Simply rub the Vitamin E oil over the tag and affected areas daily till the tags dry.

Over-the-counter products 

Accompanying home remedies, various over-the-counter (OTC) products at online drugstores in the Philippines can easily help you disappear the tag.

How do you get skin tags?

It is not apparent exactly how we get skin tags, although it may occur when groups of collagen and blood vessels grow confined inside thicker parts of the skin. During skin folds or creases: Skin rub against the skin may produce tags in different parts of the skin.

What are the symptoms of tags?

Most tags are painless; there will be no hurts in any tags. There have not been any adverse symptoms found yet. However, if you rub over the clothing, They produce irritants to your or bleed or sore to that area.

How are tags removed or treated?

Small tags may rub off on their own. Most utmost tags stay connected to your skin. In common, tags don’t ask for any specialist check-up or any treatment. If tags harm or hurt you, you may opt to possess them destroyed.

Your surgeon may remove your tags, including:

  • Cryotherapy: Fixing the tag with fluid nitrogen.
  • Surgical removal: Pushing the tag with scissors or a scalpel.
  • Electrosurgery: Heating the tag with a high-frequency electrical current.
  • Ligation: Lifting the tag by attaching it with surgical thread to bite off the blood circulation level.

What are the risk factors for tags?

The risk factors for skin tags are :

  • Individuals who are overweight and obese
  • diabetes patients
  • ladies during pregnancy, probably due to hormonal changes and high levels of growth parts
  • Individuals with a sex-steroid inequality, mainly if there are differences in levels of estrogen and progesterone

Researchers have found that tags are more likely to happen with:


If you receive a skin tag, it may not be cause for attention. For most individuals, tags are simply trouble. If they don’t hurt you and you’re unsure of the diagnosis, you can leave them alone. Put in mind that where you have one tag, more may appear.


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