Type 2 Diabetes: Nine Early Symptoms And Ways To Fight It During The Pregnancy

Diabetes is a common health issue that has impacted a lot of people across the globe. When the body is unable to develop insulin, then one is said to be diabetic. It indicates that the body is unable to develop the energy from the food in the right way. According to the WHO study of WHO every year a lot of people suffer from this medical condition but they overlook symptoms most of the time. At times the diagnosis even gets delayed in some cases and that is why the condition might not be checked properly. One should keep a note that early warning signs of diabetes must not be neglected for treating diabetes at an early stage.

Diabetes is of different types:

  1. Type 1: People suffering from type 1 diabetes are unable to produce insulin. The immune system is attacked while destroying all the cells that are responsible for creating insulin. This stage of diabetes is diagnosed mostly in youngsters or children. For staying alive the person needs to take insulin every day.
  2. Type 2: Ones suffering from type 2 diabetes lack the ability to create insulin. This diabetes can be created at any age. It is considered one of the most common forms of diabetes seen in people for middle-age.

Signs and symptoms of type 2 diabetes are:

According to the study around 84 million people have been suffering from the problem of diabetes. By getting such a number of patients it is crucial for every individual to diagnose the signs of diabetes at an early stage. The type 2 diabetes blood sugar levels reduce as the body is unable to develop glucose within the blood. Moreover, if the blood sugar remains uncontrolled it can damage your nerve. The ones leading from this type of diabetes suffering from the loss of vision, kidney damage and even problems related to the heart.

Urine: The ones who are suffering from diabetes get frequent urine. This is type 2 diabetes symptoms in men which are commonly seen. At times when the level of sugar is high in blood then the kidney makes sure to remove an excessive amount of sugar by filtering the blood properly. That is why the one who is suffering from diabetes is more likely to do urine. This problem is commonly seen in men because at times the level of sugar in their body becomes much.

Thirst increase: when one gets frequent urine, the body removes the extra sugar from the blood. Moreover, passing out urine can lead to the loss of water from the body all the time. At times this situation can lead to dehydration. Type 2 diabetes symptoms in men include dehydration which results in excess drinking water. Even at times, men are more likely to sweat more as compared to women.

Hunger: Diabetic patient stomach always needs something to eat. The work of the digestive system is to break the food in a small form or the sugar known as glucose. This food is used by the body in the form of a liquid. The people suffering from diabetes suffer from the issue of hunger.

Tired: Type 2 diabetes symptoms in women include being tired and that is why ladies are suggested to keep complete rest. This level of diabetes affects the energy level of an individual which results in tiredness. Most of the ladies suffer from this issue and that is why they need to look for better expert advice.

Vision: When the blood reaches an excessive sugar level, then the small blood vessels get to be seen in the eyes. This can lead to vision issues in a person and that is why every individual needs to consult the healthcare expert. In women, it is seen that the blurry vision might appear in both the eyes as compared to men. If this is not treated at an early stage, then it can completely damage the vision of an individual.

Slow healing: The excessive level of sugar in the blood can end in damaging the entire nerves along with the blood vessel. This can affect the blood circulation and as a result, the wounds get time to heal. Even some wounds might take weeks or even months to get back to normal.

Dark skin: This symptom is mostly seen in women that their skin gets a dark patch. The patch might appear in the neck or the armpits depending on the level of sugar. The patches are velvety in nature as well as soft.

Infection: when the level of sugar rises in the blood and the urine, it provides food to the yeast and as a result, the body ends up getting infected easily. All the time, the infection is created near the mouth or even the genital part of the skin.

Weight loss: It is one of the most common issues which is seen in both men as well as women. When the person is suffering from diabetes, then their body weight is likely to decrease at a large scale. At times when the body weight increases, then it boosts at a higher rate possible in both the genders.

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 Type 2 diabetes and pregnancy

The ladies who are expecting the baby while suffering from the symptom of type 2 diabetes need to get diligent self-care. This will help in adding a safe pregnancy along with no risk to the baby. For a pregnant lady getting the normal level of sugar at the sixth month and maintaining it at a perfect level through the complete pregnancy is not an easy task to follow. So, the ladies whose sugar level has come under control, then it is vital to follow the routine the way it is. At the time of pregnancy, there might be possibilities that the extra sugar can be transferred to the baby present inside the ladies worm.

Some of the ways of protecting diabetes at the time of pregnancy are:

Diet: It plays a major role in controlling the sugar level inside the body. It is suggested that the ladies who are planning to have a baby should have a prime focus on their diet. They should eat right and stay away from food which is not good for them as well as babies health. Fat along with the food that can boost the sugar level should be prohibited.

Right weight: A person should keep a check that they gain the right weight possible. At the time of pregnancy, the lady might get overweight or even obese which can lead to weight gain. But one should make a habit of eating slowly as it will help in digesting the food much faster.

Fitness: Exercising on a regular basis is a must to do for every lady who is planning to deliver a healthy child. They should keep a complete track on their body shape and go normal exercise that should not stress the body. But never plan to do the exercise without taking suggestions from the doctor as it can be trouble at times. Opting for a brisk walk along with moderate workout should be in practice daily to reduce the type 2 diabetes symptoms in women. It will even help in managing stress along with the hormones.

Rest: One should keep in mind that keeping enough sleep is what we want all the time. If the body gets out of rest, then it can be a major health issue to the baby as well as the mother. That is why mom and baby both should keep a pact of keeping a complete sleep no matter what.

Medications: never think of skipping the medicine at any cost. The diet and exercise will do its part but the essential part is to be done by medicine only. The complete control of the insulin can be managed only with the right medicine and that is why one should make sure to never skip the medicine. If a lady was taking oral medicine before pregnancy, then now she can switch to injection, but the regular dose should be provided to the body.

Keep in mind that diabetes is not a disease that is going to keep the baby or mother in trouble. But to avoid all the issues in the future, one must make sure that they follow all the dimensions possible.

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