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How to Pick the Perfect Sunblock for Your Skin Type

Whether it’s summer or winter, every season requires daily sunblock use to keep away tan; the temperatures might be favourable sometimes, but never forget to use sunscreen in every morning skincare routine. Try to get the best sunscreen for face requirements to keep your skin away from dry and unhealthy. You can get it from online medicine delivery with a same-day delivery option.

What is sunscreen?

Sunscreens are described as substances that shield the skin from the harmful effects of solar UV radiation by absorbing, reflecting, scattering, or otherwise deflecting UV photons, avoiding their absorption by the components of the skin.

How to apply sunscreen on the skin?

There are different methods to apply sunscreen on the skin that includes:

  • Shake the sunscreen bottle well, whether it’s in a bottle or tube. Be sure to take a pinch on your fingertips and spread it all over your face.
  • Be sure to apply sunblock for the face with equal proportion. Try to cover the ear, face, hand, neck and other external body parts. 
  • Apply thickly and thoroughly.
  • Be careful when applying sunscreen around the eyes.
  • Try to use it every 80 minutes to keep your skin tan away.

How to pick the perfect sunblock for your skin?

Many people’s skincare routine may be easy or complicated, but you should never forget to apply sunscreen daily. Here are the different methods to choose the perfect sunblock lotion for your skin that includes:

  1. Know your skin type 
  2. Always choose broad-spectrum sunblock lotion.
  3. Quality of ingredients
  4. Select SPF 30 or higher
  5. Sunblock with spray, gel or lotion?
  6. Water Resistance

Know your skin type 

Try to select the perfect skin sunblock per Philippines temperature; it may help treat your skin from oily, dry, or acne-prone. The sunblock helps double the moisturiser if your skin is dry, but water-based sunblock gel is recommended for oily skin.

Always choose broad-spectrum sunblock

Broad-spectrum sunscreen for the face in the Philippines signifies the product that helps protect against UVA and UVB rays. This is important for skin cancer prevention and protecting your face from sun damage and premature skin ageing. Try to choose sunscreen according to skin type may help you to prevent your damage.

Quality of ingredients

There are different sunscreens available with different ingredients. You may get confused while choosing it, such as PABA and cinnamates; these 2 ingredients helps to absorb UV rays and transform the sun’s radiation into heat energy. In contrast, other ingredients include zinc oxide and titanium dioxide that helps to deflect and scatter the rays before they come on your skin.

 Select SPF 30 or higher

While selecting the best sunblock for the face, try to choose SPF 30 or higher, which efficiently absorbs into the skin, such as sunscreen gel SPF 50, especially for dry to oily skin. Using SPF 30 or higher can make your skin protected from harmful UV rays in different skin tones.

Sunblock with spray, gel or lotion?

Well, it’s entirely on individual picks whether you enjoy using a spray, lotion, stick or gel. What matters the most is how you apply the sunblock spray; try to spray on your hands, then apply it on the face. Whether it’s gel or lotion, try not to put it directly on the skin. Firstly, take a smaller amount in hand, then apply it all over the face.

Water Resistance

When selecting the best sunblock for any skin, choose a water-resistant product. In sunscreen, water-resistant indicates that you’ll be protected from the layer of sunblock while you swim, but you are required to apply it again and again. To take the best protection from tan, try sunscreen every 70 minutes.


Choosing the best sunblock for your skin and avoiding the common mistakes while buying sunscreen is very much essential. If your skin is acne-prone or open pores, consult the dermatologist or any skin consultant to know the suitable sunscreen as per your skin requirement.

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