Discover Different Varieties of Rice that Helps in Preventing Obesity

Rice is definitely an appetizing meal option and to some, it is an indelible part of their daily meals. But when you go for losing weight, the first thing you get to hear from your nutritionist is to cut rice out of your healthy diet plan. Rice is easy to digest and low in fat but is still abandoned by some fitness enthusiasts because of its high glycemic index. If you still want to relish a bowl of chicken rice or curry rice, we are here to rescue you by providing information about rice varieties you are not aware of, these rice varieties are opted by people fond of eating rice, along with the mouth-watering taste these rice varieties have weight loss benefits too. Check out the options below:

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  • Brown rice: Brown rice is the most prescribed variety of rice for those wanting to get more fit. Stacked with dietary fiber, brown rice supports digestion and has 111 number of calories for every 100 grams. In spite of the fact that it might require some extra amount of time to cook when contrasted with white rice, make it your staple to diminish bad cholesterol levels, improve gut wellbeing, for sufficient quantity of Vitamin B, and to prevent the danger of stroke, heart attacks, and type 2 diabetes.
  • Red Rice: Red rice is very minimally processed. It is wealthy in manganese and cancer prevention agents, this variety of rice is strongly suggested for diabetics and obese patients. Studies uncover that regular intake of red rice is exceptionally valuable for those suffering from asthma as it improves oxygen flow in the body. Red rice is a powerhouse of solvent and insoluble fiber, eating red rice can put off your cravings for food for longer hours, in this manner adding to weight loss benefits.
  • Black Rice: The darker the shade of rice, the more antioxidants it contains. Otherwise called wild rice, it is unpolished, and it is loaded with folate, zinc, phosphorous, niacin, and Vitamin B6. It is an amazing detoxifier, stacked with fiber, prevents the danger of diabetes, and obesity. One cup of black rice has around 280 number of calories, it is very light on the stomach but has a lot of nutritional benefits.
  • Sticky rice: It has selenium which aids in giving the anti-oxidative activity to the body and Manganese which helps in bringing down cholesterol and completing distinctive metabolic responses in the body. This rice is incredibly light on the stomach and gets digested without any problem. One cup of cooked sticky rice contains around 169 number of calories.

You don’t need to avoid rice completely from your meal plans. Just try adding one of these rice varieties in your healthy diet and you will definitely feel lighter and active throughout the day. Just remember to soak the rice before you cook it and wash it well for 3-4 times to expel starch. Add a lot of water to boil your rice as ding this will expel starch out of the rice. To make your bowl of rice more healthy and tasty, add a lot of vegetables as it will increase the fiber quantity of rice. Enjoy the aromatic and earthy taste of rice without worrying about gaining a lot of calories.

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