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12 Ways to Clear Stuffy Nose (Clogged Nose) at Home

Are you annoyed with your stuffy nose? Well, that’s true no one likes stuffy and watery noses. Keeping tissues in pockets, carrying a napkin, or changing the towel again and again may irritate you. If your clogged nose continues for more than a week, consult a doctor or get medicine through online drugstores in the Philippines. Try to sit and relax in your bedroom and avoid meeting people.

What are the different ways to clear a stuffy nose?

Maintaining daily work with a clogged nose may lead to a challenging situation for both adults and kids. Here are the 12 easy ways of natural stuffy nose remedy, that includes:

  1. Get steam everyday
  2. Drink plenty of water
  3. Sip a hot drink
  4. Get plenty of rest
  5. Use a humidifier
  6. Use a saline nasal congestion spray
  7. Eat a portion of spicy food
  8. Use over-the-counter medicines
  9. Use ginger in your meal
  10.  sleep on the back
  11. Provide gentle face massage
  12. Drain your sinuses using neti pot

Get steam every day

Get a steamy bath; sit and relax in the bathroom with a warm shower bath. Also, you can get steam with a bowl of hot water that helps to soothe your body and provide relief from a stuffy nose.

Steam may help a clogged nose:

Drink plenty of water

Keep yourself hydrated by drinking water and adding fluid to your body. It will provide it to flow quicker from your stuffy nose. Avoid drinking caffeine that may lead to dehydration.

Sip a hot drink

Hot drinks are soothing when you’re not feeling well due to changing weather. You may get relief from nasal blockage, runny nose, blocked nose, and other cough and cold symptoms.  

Try to take these hot drinks during clogged nose: 

Get plenty of rest

Take rest when you’re not feeling well; it’s necessary to get plenty of rest so your body can recover. This suggests that sleep can hold your immune system in healthy form. 

Rest benefits:

  • Rest may boost your health in 4-5 days
  • It may improve and strengthen your immune system.
  • Reduce stress and improve your mood.

Use a humidifier

A reliable humidifier or cool mist vaporizer is an excellent method to add mist back into your atmosphere, which will improve nasal blockage. When the air is highly dusty, your phlegm may become thicker and not run very fresh, and your sinuses may not flow well. At that time, use a humidifier to add moisture into the air, which will hold your nasal sections moistened.

Use a saline nasal congestion spray

Applying a gentle saline nasal spray to clear the blocked nose from a cold or disease. A saline nasal congestion spray maintains nasal sections cleared by cleaning out unspecified allergens, including dust, dirt, or pet dander that can direct to nasal congestion. 

The nasal spray includes

Eat a portion of spicy food

The element in spicy meals can treat a runny nose affected by allergies. While having spicy meals, your runny nose may become more acute at first; however, the warmth will reduce your runny nose in the long run.

Spicy meals are:

  • Spicy chicken meal
  • Red chili added meal or foods

Use the right over-the-counter medicines

Over-the-counter cold and influenza medications can assist reduce your blocked nose, runny nose, and nasal blockage symptoms. While taking clogged nose over-the-counter medicine, be assured to recognize what signs aside from runny nose and nasal blockage you may produce to get the relief you require.

Use ginger in your meal

Ginger has anti-inflammatory qualities that could treat a stuffy nose. This can improve the break up of the phlegm. Additionally, try breathing in the steam from the pot while the liquid is boiling for some additional advice. 

How to use

  1. Boil the water and make your regular tea
  2. Add ginger into tea 
  3. Sip it and relax after taking it

Sleep on your back

We have all undergone the kind of discomfort during sleeping time with a stuffy nose at night. The studies recommend that the blocked nose sleeps on their back at night to drain the phlegm instead of clogging up. 

Provide gentle face massage

Taking a keen facial massage can produce some gentle relief. Apply some strength to the section on the connection of the nose between the eyes. This will improve circulation and improve the breakup of the phlegm.

Drain your sinuses using neti pot

It’s not the most tricky method to perform, but you can flush your clogged nose and watery things with a neti pot. A neti pot is a container especially formulated to flush mucus and fluids out of your nasal passages. 


Make sure to talk with a pharmaceutics when taking a decongestant, antihistamine, or allergy medication. Ask your doctor if your stuffy nose doesn’t change after taking medication for more than three days or if you have a fever as well.

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