Measures Taken By Philippine Fitness Industry To Flourish During The Pandemic

The post- Coronavirus pandemic era will have the economy shaped by new regulations and habits based on the reduced close-contact interaction, along with hygiene a well as tighter travel restrictions. However, what about the industry which, for years, has been based upon close and touch contact i.e., feel of the steel barbell into your grip, a towel’s scrape against the sweat-drenched forehead, and the one-on-one pep talk with the relentless coach? Yes, we are talking about the fitness industry.

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  • There was an open forum called “The Future of Sports & Fitness – How to adapt in a Pandemic” conducted by the Alab Pilipinas conditioning and strength coach besides being the long-time industry professional, Chappy Callanta.
  • It accumulated approximately a dozen sports and fitness experts across the country, which include athlete trainers, gym owners, as well as even sports journalists and sports scientists, everyone speaking over the 2-hour, dense Zoom session.
  • As per the MD of Kinetix Lab, Marlon Lugue, even in the case, miraculously, the lockdown gets lifted, businesses will be permitted to reopen, transportation gets restored, things won’t just fall back into place as far as fitness industry is concerned, to avoid a surge in COVID Cases in Philippines.



  • As a result, for a lot of trainers and gyms, this pandemic has forced them to go all-in on digital.
  • All the gym owners know that they need to migrate online, market themselves a bit more, and are required to act instantly.
  • The conditioning and strength coach to the Philippine Men’s taekwondo and volleyball teams, Luis De Mesa, set up the Facebook group for his every trainee so that he can pass on the programs for them and they can also volley him queries on keeping themselves fit.

Also, Mayleen Ortiz, who is the co-founder of the pole dancing studio Polecats Manila, has been zeroing on those students which they have currently, rather than on prospective new customers and students. In the wake of the Coronavirus Pandemic, there has been a major shift in focus as rather than attempting at getting more people, the aim is at motivating those who have plugged into the system for continuing to take online classes.

Purposive marketing has gained major significance in the country as it is specifically relevant for the freelancers, which most of the Philippines’ fitness coaches are. The UFC Gym Chain’s Philippine arm also did the same.

As per the marketing manager Gab Pangalangan, this gym lately released the 12-video series known as UFC Fit Home Workouts. Every workout has a duration of 45 minutes. Anyone can do them at their house with no or little equipment as well as everybody can access the library free of cost.

The priority here is being capable of checking up on those people, who are a part of the community, remaining engaged, as well as listening to what the followers or clients or the audience want from the fitness industry at this critical time.

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