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Facing a Health crisis? Here’s how you can keep yourself healthy

The challenges which result from our battle against the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) have the global reach. Everybody has his/her role to play, be it as a volunteer, the essential worker, or through staying at the house for containing this disease’s spread. In tough times like these, it can turn out to be difficult to stay healthy and happy. Needless to say, this disease has turned our lives upside down. However, do not forget to keep yourself as fit as possible to avoid any negative health Impact of COVID-19

Always remember that today when situations are unexpectedly changing, do not let it affect your physical and mental health. When it comes to keeping yourself healthy, it includes exercise, eating right, and heightened hygiene.

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Below mentioned are some important tips on how to ensure the fact that you stay healthy in body, spirit, and mind – 

Keep up your mood during the quarantine period – Check-in with your loved ones, take out some time for talking to your family and friends, as well as get into the video conferencing session with the colleagues. Along with a healthy diet on quarantine, you need to maintain a positive mindset. Also, think about those essential workers who keep the country going, as well as in case you wish to help, try volunteering. 

Make routines – Building regular routines is specifically useful with children at home, however, it is also helpful for those people who are relegated to work from home now or retirees who are unable to get out. In case you have children, make them engaged in organizing meals together daily. Take their help in creating a breakfast, lunch, and dinner plan to introduce healthful choices. 

Get sufficient sleep – Sleep health might get affected by tension as well as conditions which include depression and anxiety. Mental health and sleep are intimately connected, insomnia or loss of sleep is related to negative results, like cognitive function or impaired mood. That is why it is suggested that adults sleep for at least 7 hours per night so that they can avoid any adverse physical or mental health Impact of COVID-19

Boost the fluid intake – Consuming a lot of fluids for help in keeping the body hydrated as well as flushing out toxins is relevant. A few of the best options are green tea with turmeric or ginger, water, broths, and clear soups. In case you experience fever, take water enhanced with the electrolytes, such as Pedialyte or low-sugar sports drinks. 

The pandemic of COVID-19 signifies that a lot of us are staying at house as well as doing less when it comes to exercise and social interactions. Self-isolation might result in worse physical and health outcomes along with increased loneliness. However, luckily, lifestyle attitudes can be utilized for maintaining the well-being as well as passing the time. Follow these tips for self-care during the self-isolation period and make sure to stay healthy and happy during this critical time.