Did You Get A Common Allergy Or Coronavirus? Take A Look At Their Symptoms

While a few COVID-19 symptoms overlap with the allergies, there are a lot of differences. Unfortunately, a few COVID-19 (coronavirus) and allergies symptoms do overlap. The Symptoms of Allergies such as coughing and sneezing have been reported in individuals suffering from Coronavirus. Hence, it becomes difficult for you to differentiate whether you are suffering from COVID-19 or allergies. Fortunately, there are a lot of important symptoms that can assist you specify the difference between Coronavirus and Allergies.

  • As per the experts, the flu, the allergies, and the novel COVID-19 have distinctive symptoms.
  • The major symptoms of Coronavirus are tiredness, fever, shortness of breath, and cough.
  • On the other hand, allergies have more chronic symptoms as well as include wheezing, coughing, and sneezing.
  • As we all know, the infectious disease of Coronavirus is caused by SARS-CoV-2 and the allergies are caused by the reaction of your immune system to the foreign substance like bee venom, pet dander, or pollen.
  • The symptoms of allergy don’t include sore throat, achiness, or fever that has been reported in people infected with COVID-19.
  • Please note that the symptoms of allergy do include itchiness (itchy ears, itchy eyes, itchy throat, and itchy nose) that are not the typical Coronavirus infection signs.

In case you have itchy eyes or runny nose, it does not signify that you have COVID-19. However, in case you have fatigue, fever, and a cough, you may have Coronavirus. Then again, it can also be seasonal flu. Confused, right? Don’t be. Always remember that not every symptom is created equally.

While it may seem that you have COVID-19, you might just be going through influenza or seasonal allergies. However, an important difference between allergy and coronavirus is the shortness of breath. It is a common Coronavirus sign that takes place before Pnenumonia’s development.

Let’s take a look at how one can differentiate between symptoms of Allergies and COVID-19 – 

Cough – 

COVID-19 symptoms are exhibited with the dry cough however, it is extremely rare to have the cough because of allergies unless activated by Asthma.

Duration – 

Coronavirus symptoms may take from 7-25 days to be displayed, however, allergies can last for various weeks as per the pollen in the air at any given period.

Sneezing – 

The Coronavirus doesn’t cause sneezing, but this is quite common in case of allergies.

Shortness of Breath – 

Keeping in mind the fact that COVID-19 targets your respiratory system, the shortness of breath is a usual symptom while this isn’t the case with the allergies.

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Sore Throat – 

In terms of deciding how coronavirus is different from allergies, it is an important point to keep in mind. Both the allergies and coronavirus can display symptoms of the sore throat however, it is quite mild in case of allergies.

Stuffy/Running Nose – 

The runny nose is one rare symptom for the COVID-19 however, a usual one for the allergies.

Fatigue – 

This is normal to feel uncharacteristically worn out while having the symptoms of both allergies and coronavirus.

Fever – 

Those people who are infected with COVID-19 can display fever symptoms for various days, however, while going through the allergies people don’t often get fevers.

Body Aches – 

COVID-19 can result in the body aches however you won’t go through this while having allergies.

Headaches – 

COVID-19 symptoms can lead to headaches at times, however, are unusual Symptoms of Allergies unless activated by the sinus pains.

Digestion – 

Those people who are infected with COVID-19 can also experience Diarrhoea however, this does not happen during the allergies.

Severe COVID-19 symptoms that need instant medical attention include persistent pressure or pain in your chest, difficulty breathing, bluish face or lips, the former signifying oxygen shortage in your bloodstream, as per the CDC. Among the best ways of giving yourself peace of mind regarding whether or not you could have COVID-19 will be to take the allergy medicines continuously. Moreover, while frequenting the public places, it might be the matter of usual courtesy for treating the allergy symptoms to ensure that people don’t misunderstand your coughs and sneezes as Coronavirus.

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