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10 Most Common Rainy Season Diseases in the Philippines

During the rainy season, infections and diseases are spread higher due to air humidity and the immune system. Air humidity increases that makes it colder, which can lead to health problems. Many different viruses and bacteria infect individuals in the monsoon season. During monsoons, our immune system is minimized, which results in various rainy season diseases.

10 common diseases during the rainy season

The monsoon season occurs where rainfall happens more commonly than usual. During this season, the risk of common illness is more general due to weather changes; the transmission of bacteria and viruses may affect the immune system. Here are the 10 common diseases spread during the rainy season are:

  1. Cough and cold
  2. Dengue fever
  3. Influenza
  4. Diarrhea
  5. Typhoid fever
  6. Leptospirosis
  7. Water Fleas
  8. Scabies
  9. Cholera
  10. Hepatitis A
  • Cough and cold: The most frequent cause of coughs and colds is rhinovirus, spreading through the air.
  • Dengue fever: Infections caused by illness to dengue virus disease from Aedes aegy
  • pti mosquitoes.
  • Influenza: Diseases produced by flu virus plagues.
  • Diarrhea: Digestive problems produced by infections or bacteria.
  • Typhoid fever: Produced by salmonella typhi bacteria detected through rainwater, drinks, and food polluted by human feces.
  • Leptospirosis: Infections produced by the bacteria Leptospira interrogans which is shown in rat urine.
  • Water Fleas: Skin allergy produced by fungi that are shown through a pool of rain or flood
  • Scabies: A skin infection produced by showing the parasite Sarcoptes scabiei.
  • Cholera: Skin disease produced by the bacterium Vibrio cholerae, which is shown through food and drink.
  • Hepatitis A: Disease that is performed through food and drink.

These diseases spread during the rainy season can also lead to other severe health difficulties; you can simply consult a doctor once you experience the signs of the disease. If necessary, you can get your medicine online with the prescription of the rainy season disease.

Tips to avoid diseases caused in the rainy season

There is no need to worry about being exposed to various bacteria and viruses in this season if you take enough precautions. The following are the ways how to prevent common illnesses in the rainy season in the Philippines are:

  1. Take vitamins
  2. Use anti-mosquito repellent
  3. Get vaccination
  4. Eat nutritious food
  5. Stay hydrated
  6. Wash your hand
  7. wear the mask

avoid diseases caused in the rainy season

Take vitamins

It is prescribed for you to take vitamin C. In addition, you can eat fruits such as orange or strawberry. By practicing vitamin C supplements can usually boost the immune system. Besides, vitamin C additionally prevents common diseases throughout the season, such as cough and flu. 

Use anti-mosquito repellent

Anti-mosquito cream can stop rainy season diseases in the Philippines, including dengue fever. To avoid dengue fever, you can apply anti-mosquito repellent every 6 hours. In addition, you can apply mosquito repellent cream or spray.

Get vaccination

Getting a vaccination is one of the most effective ways to prevent diseases that may be caused during any season, including influenza, hepatitis A, flu vaccine, and typhoid. The vaccine can help you to prevent these diseases. 

Eat nutritious food

Try to choose nutritious food during the monsoon season. This is one of the most effective ways to prevent diseases and avoid consuming junk food too frequently. Eating healthy food boosts to increase immunity helps from flu and fever.

Stay hydrated

The easiest way to prevent these seasonal diseases is by consuming liquids because staying hydrated helps the body avoid the flu. Consuming warm drinks makes the body even more relaxed. Drinking juices or eating fruits that contain water, including watermelon, helps to keep you hydrated.  

Wash your hand

Maintaining personal hygiene is one of the easiest ways to prevent common infections during the monsoon season. The easiest way is to wash hands frequently. It can limit common health conditions such as cough, flu, or fever. Wash your hands every time using soap to all parts of your hands, including your nails, between your fingers and the back of your hand.

Use the mask

The most important to prevent common diseases during any season is by using masks while in public places. By using a mask, you can limit the transmission of infection.


Those are some effective tips to limit common diseases during the rainy season. Don’t forget to take care of yourself and your family from various diseases during the rainy season.

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