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How Coronavirus has Affected Health and Economy?

Coronavirus or COVID-19 has been the most discussed topic these days.  It is a virus that is being transmitted to human beings and has so far killed around 3 Lakh people worldwide and it has affected more than a million people worldwide. The virus originated from a province called Wuhan, in China where it has affected around 80,000 people in just one city and has created a health crisis throughout the world. 

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Coronavirus has badly affected the health as well as the economy. In India, Coronavirus patients, who have been found positive, have crossed the 31000 mark and around 1100 have lost their lives due to this pandemic.  The Government of India had announced the lockdown to deal with this pandemic where people are told not to move out of their house without any strong reasons. Only the people dealing with essential services like Banks, Media and healthcare service providers are allowed to move out. Due to this, a large section of the population that earns and eats daily like daily laborers, wages men are left with no work and no money. They are facing real troubles as their income sources are gone and they are facing issues to get even the basic necessity of life that is food for themselves and their families.


The Government also urged MSME’s and other service providers to not cut the salaries and wages of their employers. This further puts the burden on MSME’s and service providers as their incomes have also stopped and till how long can they pay the salaries from their own pockets? Similar is the case with the farmers across the country. The crops of Wheat are ready to be harvested, but due to this lockdown and even curfew in some states like Punjab, which is the wheat basket of the country, farmers are facing real problems in harvesting their crops and selling them in the markets. Coronavirus patients are taken care of properly by the government.

Schools, Colleges are closed from February 2020 in almost the entire country. Due to this, even the CBSE examinations of classes 10 and 12 have not been completed and they fear to lose a year due to this pandemic. A lot of students who have been preparing for the entrance examinations to various colleges of Management, Medical, Technology, and other subjects are waiting for further notification. They are clueless and have no idea how this will be taken forward.

The Government of India has announced several relief packages but still, a lot needs to be done as the world is dealing with an economic crisis and in a country like India, where poor people are finding difficulty to even get a meal for twice a day, a lot needs to be done by the authorities and the Government. To look after the health crisis government is making plans.

There are shortages of various essential items reported in various parts of the countries as people have started hoarding these items at their homes. So, it’s a request to the people of this country, not to hoard the things and believe in Government and continue fighting Corona together and united. We shall overcome it soon!