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Children and COVID-19: What The Parents Need to Know

COVID-19, a disease which is caused by the Coronavirus which was first recognized in Wuhan in December, China, has extensively spread across the world. Now, people have a lot of questions about the same, specifically regarding the kids. Moreover, COVID-19 appears on an average for being a lot milder in kids as compared to what it does in fit adults or older adults. 

In China, out of the first 70,000 patients diagnosed with Coronavirus, a mere 2.1% were kids under 19 years old. Even if your Child’s travel history is not alarming, it is suggested to keep your kids away from sick people, particularly in case they have respiratory symptoms.

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Although it is not known yet how relevant the infected kids are when it comes to the spreading of this disease however it is assumed that there is a high probability that infected kids can spread Coronavirus. 

In case your kid has a cough or fever during this critical time, it is normal to be stressed, but the least you can do is keep calm and, only if necessary, then reach out to the medical service provider. 

What are COVID-19 symptoms in kids?

A lot of kids have some or no symptoms at all. These symptoms include runny nose, fever, along with dry cough, as well as occasionally, diarrhea. In some cases, it has progressed to the condition of facing problems in breathing. Some of the cases with continuous symptoms have developed into pneumonia. However, only a few COVID-19 patients have needed intensive care. 

Should you get your kids tested for Coronavirus in case they have a cough, fever, or runny nose?

First of all, try to keep yourself calm. Often, testing is not mandatory, as well as it would be best to avoid the visits to an emergency department or the office of a doctor if your kid has a moderate or mild illness. Testing will be more available in the long run, however, now it is still hugely limited to COVID-19 patients who are critically ill or when knowing that the diagnosis will make a difference in management or treatment.

How do the doctors test your kid for (Coronavirus) COVID-19?

The testing procedure for Coronavirus is modifying. Hospitals, Doctors, Local health departments, and Commercial labs, etc., are working together for help in getting tests to those people who require them. 

To test a person for Coronavirus, doctors send the mucus sample from the back of his/her throat and nose to the lab. In case the kid coughs up mucus, the doctors may send the same as well for testing and also ask related concerns regarding your Child’s travel history. If you doubt that your kid has the symptoms of Coronavirus, contact your local health department or doctor as they will offer you the upgraded data on testing. 

All in all, as a parent and as an individual, you should stay prepared and stop panicking about the situation. Even if your kid has mild symptoms of the same, always remember that the right treatment at the right time will ensure that he/she stays healthy. Meanwhile, do not forget to follow the precautionary measures i.e., covering sneezes and coughs along with washing your hands well and often.