Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms, Treatment, Causes

Type 2 Diabetes: Symptoms, Causes And Treatment All You Need To Know

A body can function properly only when it is healthy. Some of the conditions like diabetes are seen in most of the public. Under this medical condition, the blood sugar leads to rise and fall creating changes in the body function. Insulin is the hormone that completely affects the functioning of the glucose inside the cell. Although diabetes is having no cure, still one needs to look for safety measures that can help in controlling it for a longer run.

Types Of Diabetes :

  1. Type 1: Under this type of diabetes the body completely fails to produce insulin. Even the complete track of the immune system gets destroyed. Most of the time, type 1 diabetes is seen in young children along with elders. Moreover, the ones suffering from this diabetes need to take insulin on a daily basis so as to maintain better health.
  2. Type 2: The patients of type 2 diabetes suffer from the issue of insulin. Their body does not produce insulin at a better scale and that is why medical facilities need to be provided to them.  In type 2 diabetes blood sugar levels increase if the medicine is not taken properly on time.
  3. Gestational Diabetes: This type of diabetes is seen under the women who are pregnant. Under gestational diabetes usually, the condition fades away once the baby comes into life. The ones who are suffering from such type usually develop the signs of type 2 diabetes in an early stage.

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What is Mellitus type 2 diabetes?

The type 2 Mellitus diabetes is considered as the situation in which the body is unable to metabolise the glucose in the right manner. it leads to an increase of sugar level inside the body. The person who is not diabetes is having glands that help in producing insulin. But the ones suffering from such health issues end up creating a maximum level of sugar inside the body. The increase in insulin ends up increasing the carbohydrates.

Risk factor: Type 2 diabetes mellitus without complications is either genetic or through the lifestyle adopted by an individual.

Initially, the parents who are having diabetes are likely to get this health issue. But there is even an unavoidable risk to a family that should not be avoided if the family member is already having type 2 diabetes then the person is likely to get such issues inside them. Type 2 diabetes mellitus without complications is possible if an individual takes care of their health and keeps on monitoring oneself every day.

Type 2 diabetes causes and symptoms


  1. Hunger: The person suffering from type 2 diabetes will require something or the other to eat constantly. Energy: lack of energy is seen in the patients as they are unable to do things with the same power and strength because the nerves end up getting weak time and again.
  2. Dry mouth: The mouth of the person turns out to be dry because the level of sugar gets low all the time.
  3. Urine:  The person suffering from diabetes ends up getting urine all the time.
  4. Vision: At times, the vision of the diabetic person gets blurred either on one or both the sides of the eyes.



  1. Genes: According to the scientist, the DNA can be the reason for increased insulin inside the body. That means diabetes is carried from parents to the next generation.
  2. Weight:  When the person ends up gaining more weight or becomes obsessed, then there are chances to increase insulin at a higher rate.
  3. Metabolic Syndrome: The people suffering from diabetes might have a condition like high blood sugar, high cholesterol and much more.
  4. Glucose: When the liver gets enough glucose, then it increases the amount of sugar in the body.
  5. Cell communication: At times there is not good communication between different cells. This leads to a trouble connection between different cells and as a result the level of insulin increases in the body.

 Type 2 diabetes tinnitus and dizziness

Dizziness is basically the symptom which is applied to vertigo along with the light-headedness of a person. The person suffering from diabetes often suffers from this issue because of the low pressure of the blood. When the level of sugar is low in the body the person might not function well.

Diabetes in Women

Diabetes is considered as the metabolic illness that is related to the level of insulin in the body. Diabetes can be affected by a lady of any age no considering to the age, race or the sex. According to the study it states that than the death rate of the men dying due to diabetes is less as compared to the female. Moreover, women were more likely to get affected due to the diabetes attack.

Type 2 diabetes symptoms in women

  1. Vaginal and oral infection: At times the yeast called candida overgrowth in the female vagina causing infection and irritation. Such infections are common in ladies who are suffering from diabetes. They might get pain at the time of having sex, even soreness might be experienced by the one suffering from diabetes.
  2. Urine infection: Mostly the ladies having diabetes even suffer from the urine infection. The UTIs at times develop when the bacteria end up entering the tract of urine and creating trouble. The woman suffering from such an issue gets pain while passing the urine, gets blood while passing the urine.
  3. Sexual dysfunction: Diabetic women end up getting the nerve breakdown most of the time. Which means that the lady is unable to walk because they end up getting pain in feet, hands along with a leg.
  4. PCOS: It is a condition in which a body produces a lot of male hormones which can develop extra hair on the body. The result of PCOS leads to irregular menstruation, gaining of weight, acne as well as depression.

Type 2 diabetes symptoms in men

It is said that diabetes in women is likely to be more as compared to men. But all the men who suffer from diabetes can have a huge impact on sexual life.

  1. Erectile Dysfunction: In this situation, a person is unable to maintain an erection. Even it can be issues related to kidney disease or high blood pressure. The cause of such symptoms is due to either high stress or smoking. In some cases, medicines can even lead to ED issues.
  2. Autonomic nervous system damage: diabetes in men can lead to the harm of ANS. It is the way of controlling the blood sugar in the right way possible in the blood. Under the situation of ANS, the penis does not get enough or the required blood in it and it does not function properly as a result.
  3. Urologic Issue: This issue occurs when the nervous breakdown occurs. It can even lead to trouble issues to health like bladder over activeness or the continuous flow of urine.

So, all you need to do is seek the right help from the reliable expert who can help in dealing with the signs and symptoms of diabetes in both men as well as women.

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