Role Of Vitamin D In The Fight Against COVID-19

Vitamin D is particularly significant for the immune system health, which leaves a lot of people wondering whether this nutrient might help decrease the risk of contracting Coronavirus which causes COVID-19. As per the research, having the healthy Vitamin D levels, along with taking the Vitamin D supplement, can assist in keeping the immune system healthy and might, in general, secure against the respiratory illnesses.

Please note that currently, there is no cure for Coronavirus as well as no preventive measures besides physical distancing, also called social distancing, as well as appropriate hygiene practices that can safeguard you from developing the disease.

  • According to the previous research, this vitamin that majorly comes from the exposure to the sun as well as is important for the healthy immune system can guide in protecting against a lot of other respiratory infections.
  • Recently, Spanish researchers have begun the 10-week trial for seeing if this vitamin can support with the COVID-19 issue.
  • The vitamin D receptors on your immune cells also impact their function which means that the nutrient exceedingly influences a person’s response to the infections.
  • As per the latest review which included 11,321 people from the 14 countries, supplementing with Vitamin D diminished the risk of ARI (Acute Respiratory Infections) in both those with enough levels of this nutrient and who have the deficiency.
  • This review also found out that the supplements of Vitamin D were most efficient at protecting against ARI when consumed weekly or daily in tiny doses as well as less effective when consumed in widely spaced, longer doses.
  • The significance of Vitamin D for you to Fight off Coronavirus lies in the fact that those people who have a higher risk of Vitamin D deficiency are also at a higher risk of getting infected from Coronavirus.

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When you take this vitamin at higher doses, it contains the anti-inflammatory action. Taking sufficient levels of the nutrient is relevant for usual health, for example, it is required for your healthy bones, as well as will guide prevent you from getting sick. As per the professor of molecular endocrinology at the Birmingham University Martin Hewison, those people who are elderly, have darker skin, and are obese are at the high risk of Vitamin D deficiency as well as can potentially be at the higher risk of severe Coronavirus symptoms.

  • Vitamin D is important for boosting the Immunity power, which is the first defense line of your body against disease and infection.
  • Having said that, do not forget that there is no treatment or cure for Coronavirus till now. No studies have probed the impact of Vitamin D deficiency or Vitamin D supplements on the risk of contracting COVID-19.

There is no denying the fact that Vitamin D plays a lot of relevant roles in the body which includes promoting the immune system’s health. Furthermore, in case you interested in supplementing with Vitamin D for enhancing the whole immune response, have a chat with your healthcare professional for data on appropriate dosing.

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