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Coronavirus Updates- Try Living Life In A New Way As A Warning From WHO

The entire world is suffering from a deadly virus called COVID-19. This has made every single individual life different from every perspective. For each one of us now stepping out of the house has become very difficult. Living life with such restrictions was not thought of by anyone. But if one needs to survive then the chain of community spread needs to be stopped.

The life of people who was completely socially driven is now left in a house. Social distance is something that is followed by everyone around the world to break the chain of contact. Corona virus has taught each one of us to stay home and live life without friends.

WHO has warned every individual alive that this infectious disease can take the life of many individuals that is one of the reasons a person should abide by the rules of the government properly. Moreover, if a person can adapt to the new changes, then it is easy for them to keep themselves protected from this deadly virus.

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Why is the coronavirus Deadly?

It is not just a virus, but a group of different viruses that can damage the respiratory system of an individual. It damages the lungs and slowly affects the entire body organs and as a result, the body suffers from a lot of trouble. It can be easily spread by inhaling the droplets of the infected person. Even if the droplet of the infected person gets on the hand and you touch your ear or nose then you will invite this virus inside.

Corona virus is a pandemic that has changed our lives upside down. We all are trying to look for ways in which we can keep our self-protected from this virus by following the rules as instructed by the government.

Things have changed a lot with the arrival of this corona virus. Now people have limited resources as they are not allowed to go out. It is suggested that one should adopt new changes in lifelike-

  1. Wash hands at least 20 seconds a day because it can help in killing all the germs that are present on the hand. Make sure that if you have gone out or touched any open surface, then don’t forget to wash your hand.
  2. Cover your mouth with the mask if going out. Make sure that you do not touch the mask surface and just place it on the face from sides. Try and keep changing the mask after a week or two.
  3. Wear gloves if you are going out to buy things because sometimes the surface might have the virus alive. According to the study, it states that the Corona virus stays alive for a few hours on the open surface. So, keep in mind to wear gloves all the time once you go out.

Make sure to do all these 3 simple things in your life to save yourself and the entire community from this virus infection.

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