Healthy Food Items That Your Kids Would Love Eating

Feeding a child isn’t an easy job as children do not always really eat what you offer other than their favorite burger or ice-cream. It is a lot of burden and stress for mothers to always think and prepare new and different healthy food for kids so that they can fill their child’s tiny bodies with the required ingredients.

Kids are required to eat nutritious food for aiding their healthy growth- calcium-rich food for their bones, healthy fats for brain growth, and all the nutrients like vitamins and minerals present in the fresh fruits and vegetables.


Growing children regularly get hungry between suppers. In any case, many packaged food items for kids are incredibly unhealthy and may be harmful if eaten in excess quantity. They’re full of refined flour, added sugars, and artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and ingredients. Snack time is a good chance to add some additional nutrients to your kid’s eating routine.

Rather than exceptionally prepared not so healthy food products, fill your kid’s stomach with a variety of nutritive whole food items that will give them energy and nutrition. You realize it’s smarter to feed your children vegetables rather than ice-creams and sugary food items. However, it may come to your mind what is the most healthy food for kids—and how would you get them to really eat them? Read on for tips from the nutrition specialists, and our best healthy food for kids:

  • Bake Ragi Cookies- Treat your kids with a bunch of Ragi cookies. Ragi is full of calcium which makes it a perfectly healthy option for growing kids. Ragi turns brown colored on baking & roasting and can easily look like chocolate treats. You can likewise attempt oats and raisin cookie treats for a variety of options in cookies.
  • A delicious plate of Whole Wheat Pasta-Nothing is better than home-made pasta with a rich mushroom sauce or pesto sauce depending upon the taste. Pick whole wheat penne pasta and toss it with different nutritive veggies. You can likewise puree the veggies with the sauce.


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  • Twist ordinary burgers with Lentil and mushrooms: Introducing, burgers with a healthy twist. Make the burger patties with mushrooms and subtly conceal a few lentils inside them. Spot them between whole wheat buns, serve them to your kids, and afterward watch them vanish in no time.
  • Refreshing Melon and Kiwi Fruit Smoothie: Mix Kiwi, melon, grapes, papaya, nectar, milk, and oats together to get a tasty and freshening smoothie for summers. You can serve this satisfying cold smoothie between meals or as a prompt healthy breakfast.


  • Delicious yet nutritious Chicken Ball & Spinach Soup: Spring onion greens, garlic, few crumbled chicken squares, mushrooms, spinach leaves, and bean sprouts all meet up to make this overly flavorful yet whole and healthy feast.


  • Yummy Sweet potato fries: Sweet potatoes are perhaps the most extravagant source of beta-carotene, an essential nutrient that can be changed over into Vitamin A by your body. It contributes to its benefits to healthy eyes and skin. Custom made, prepared sweet potato fries are a nutritious choice compared to regular french fries.

All in all, there is plenty of healthy food for kids alternatives in place of not so healthy junk food available in the market. Parents should find creative ways to stuff nutritious food into their kid’s meal plans. The overall development of the child’s heart and brain depends on the intake of well nutritious food in growing age.

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