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A Step-By-Step Guide to Order Repeat Prescription Online

Have you ever got a doctor’s appointment to request some more medication, only to be told you could order medicine online on a repeat prescription without possessing an appointment? Did you know you can further order your repeat online prescriptions through the Getmeds App, making the entire process more immediate and more effortless? Well, in this article, we’ll look at precisely what a repeat online prescription is and how ordering medicine online through a pharmacy can build your life more effortlessly.

What is a repeat prescription?

When your doctor prescribes the same medication regularly, this is usually done with a repeat prescription online. This could be a prescription for a long-term condition such as high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. The refill prescription is a direction from your doctor that says you can be issued this prescription in the future without having to have an appointment.

How to order online repeat prescriptions

While you may have constantly used the white side of your prescription to get your repeat medicine delivery, there’s now a quick and easy way to do it online through GetMeds. When you order a repeat online prescription through an online pharmacy, you can upload your prescription online at the Getmeds app. Then complete the procedures. You can pick up the delivery of your online medicine without delays at your doorstep that usually occur when waiting for a doctor to sign off your prescription.

Ordering a repeat prescription online is now advised. Due to coronavirus (COVID-19), it may not be safe to go into an offline pharmacy to collect your medicines.

How to order prescription online

You can place an order by uploading your prescription or searching your product at the ‘search bar’ or leaving your question at care@getmeds.ph.

Steps to follow:

  1. Visit our getmeds website or open our online medicine app on your phone.
  2. Upload a valid doctor’s prescription and search from our list of medicines.
  3. Enter the address where you want your package to be delivered.
  4. Our partner retailer will call you to confirm the order.
  5. Our delivery person will deliver the prescription delivery package to your doorstep. 

Order Prescription Medicines

Benefits of ordering repeat prescriptions online

Make your life easier by ordering your prescriptions with GetMeds. 

  • Save time and transport costs! You don’t have to book any offline appointments in Pharmacy.
  • No more holding bits of paper here – manage all your information in your GetMeds app.
  • Maintain it accurately – doing it all online means no manual errors.

How to get prescription medication delivered

There are 4 simple steps to get your medicines delivered. All you need to do is follow the easy steps and assure quick and hassle-free prescription delivery of your medicines.

STEP 1: Prescription Verification

Upload your prescriptions digitally with your Getmeds app or website. As soon as your upload is finished and submitted, we receive it. It’ll immediately be checked for legibility by our doctors. It is investigated thoroughly, and medicines are dispensed according to that, right at your doorstep. 

STEP 2: Medicine Availability

The pharmacist then collects all the required medicines. In case the prescription includes salt names and not brand names, the pharmacist will call you concerning the substitutes available or call the pharmacist and inquire counsel. Please keep in mind that we pick up prescriptions from customers for verification, and only then do we deliver medicines online. Once the prescription is verified, then the order is dispatched for delivery. The medicines are sealed in a special GetMeds package.

STEP 3: Product Packaging

The ordered medicines undergo packaging under strict safety rules. After keeping in mind about covid, our workers are taking care of all the safety measures and precautions to ensure your health is always at the top.

STEP 4: Delivery

After receiving the order, a delivery slot/date/day is allocated for your medicines, and the delivery agent will receive the package and deliver it to your doorstep! We offer hassle-free doorstep delivery of drugs. Payment for medication orders can be made on delivery via COD or online via the app. 

For more reference, please visit our terms & conditions and privacy policies to understand better our tasks, duties, and responsibilities.

At GetMeds App, we appreciate your time and health and understand that there are times when you may meet situations that make it challenging for you to get quick access to proper healthcare. And hence, our best prescription delivery service lets you skip the wait and get your online medicines in time. We strive to give you healthcare solutions at the quickest.

Use apps or websites to order your repeat prescription.

When you need a refill prescription:

  1. Log in to the GetMeds app/website.
  2. Upload the prescription or click on the ‘repeat/refill’ in your order history. If you do not find what you want, please feel free to contact our pharmacists by emailing care@getmeds.ph, or you can call at +639190769105.
  3. Call the Pharmacy two to three business days before you are out of medicine.
  4. Once your prescription is uploaded, our pharmacists will remind you every month via call, SMS, and mail for a repeat prescription.

When to order your repeat medicine

Order your repeat prescription when you have 10 days of medicine left. This will give your online pharmacy delivery time to process and prepare your prescription and ensure that you do not run out.

Benefits of Getting Your Prescription Refill At GetMeds

1.Email and Text Reminders

One of the various features of our prescription refill program is email and text reminders. We allow a special service of notifying you to reorder your prescription refill. We strive to ensure that your prescription is refilled monthly not to miss out on your medication delivered. 

2.Other Services to Complement Your Prescription Refill

Medication order prescriptions come in different dosages. Our purpose is to make sure that your prescription is allergen-free and tastebud-friendly. We additionally want to guarantee that you understand the correct dosage.

3.Fast Service Options

Another great feature of our prescription refill program is our fast service option. Our goal is to help you get back to other vital things on your list while getting your prescription refill on time.

Our fast service option includes the delivery of your prescription refills directly to your doorstep. Whether in your home or office, we will have your prescription medication reach you in time for a refill.

Order Medicine Online

Advantage of buying medicine from an online pharmacy


Maybe it is relatively deceptive to take a gander at the expense of medication since it is such a significant amount rather than merely an item; however, this must be considered into the contention. Suppose you investigate a large number of online pharmacies that, at present, promote online. 

In that case, you will indeed observe a vast uniqueness among their cycle for a similar medication. Regularly, even the costliest of these will be less expensive than your customary blocks and mortar drug store could plan to coordinate.


This one must be straight up with cost as the two fundamental favorable circumstances of administration online medicine delivery from an online pharmacy. Those who lead a busy life and don’t get the opportunity to visit the Pharmacy, then online Pharmacy is an option. 

The same goes for the individuals who are living far from their closest drug store, or maybe the older or sick that are not, at this point, ready to travel autonomously can buy online medicine in the Philippines.


Not every person loves shopping, and many of us would much preferably be anyplace over in a shopping center. By looking for online medicine delivery, you can evade the pressure and do it from your own home and as gradually or as fast as you can imagine. 

Have you ever been to your nearest Pharmacy and have been informed that your doctor prescribed medication has run out? This is an undeniable situation and can cause many issues for the individuals who have surrendered their valuable time just to be told it has been squandered. 

Your online Pharmacy ought to consistently have the option to let you know whether your medication is available. If that is the situation, you can go to the following one until you find what you are searching for. Click on the link to read the full article.

Here are a few advantages of repeat prescription from online medication delivery services:

You can get medicine Over-The-Counter (OTC), prescription, personal care, protection & hygiene, bath & body products from generic pharmacies. You might have searched all the places you know to get that medicine. But if you order medicine online, you will no longer face this problem. That is because the medicine delivery services have every type of medicine. 

With a vast medicines catalog along with healthcare items offered on an easy-to-navigate and extensive destination for the online medicine purchase, GetMeds offers added benefits such as –

  • Doorstep Delivery – Gone are those days when you have to get ready for countless trips to a pharmacy store to buy a single medicine as now you are provided with on-time medication delivery right at your doorstep.
  • Automatic Prescription refill – Set up the scheduled refills for the online medication orders, and then you won’t ever have to get panicked about running out of them.
  • Attractive discounts and offers – Enjoy flat discounts, cashback, and other appealing offers on the medication orders.
  • Order History of your Medicine – Wondering where to buy medicines online where you don’t have to scroll through pages every time to look for what you require? Well, GetMeds is your answer. Just check the medication order history at the website and go for reorder.

When you buy medications on GetMeds, you can stay assured that you will get the same order. Its trained pharmacists ensure that the medications are delivered to every individual on time.

This Pharmacy store is powered by intelligent systems that remember every medicine you ordered online and ensure that they are available all the time whenever you require them. So, you will always find the medicines on GetMeds, without any discomfort.

What makes it a much-preferred option in online medicine delivery is its top-notch quality standard along with the impressively rated customer service in the Philippines. So, the next time you think about Where to buy medicine online Philippines, know that GetMeds is just a call away. Click on the link to read the full article.

There are various misunderstandings about prescription delivery services among people. These are mainly based on false rumors and lack of awareness. But in reality, these medication delivery services can be a very effective way of buying medicine as you can get them delivered to wherever you want. Most importantly, you can receive online medicine for a discount as it cuts out the middlemen. Order the medicine online for your elderly to keep them protected. You have always bought your medicine from a medical store. It’s an opportunity to give medicine delivery services a try. Order today with GetMeds and share your experience with others.

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