Follow These Tips And Shield Your Skin From Sunburn And Tan

In case you take a look at the sunburned skin under the strong microscope, you would view that the blood vessels and cells have been injured. With continuous sun damage, your sun begins to look wrinkled, dry, leathery, and discoloured.

While you have a lot of fun outside on sunny, beautiful summer days, the ultraviolet rays of the sun damage the skin, causing ugly sunspots, sunburn, as well as, in a few cases, skin cancer. But, do not let the bright summer heat eat away the skin glow by following the right steps and prevent it from tanning and sunburns.

Follow these pro Sun tanning tips which will keep your skin secured from sunburn, sun damage, and tanning –


This prevents dryness as well as thereby keeps sunburn and tanning at bay. Moreover, keep your skin and body hydrated through drinking plenty of water during your vacay.

  • Limit your time of sun exposure – Rather than spending your whole day in the sun, limit the time outside to a few hours. This saves your money, skin, and lets you enjoy the Sun tanning benefits without you having to apply another round of the sunscreen.
  • Apply Sunscreen – Apply a minimum of 1 ounce of the sunscreen (sufficient for filling the shot glass) at least 15-30 minutes before you go outside. Furthermore, use a lipstick or lip balm which contains sunscreen with the SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of at least 30.
  • Avoid going out in peak hours – Yes, you can dodge sun damage and UV rays besides safeguarding your skin from tanning and sunburn just by avoiding the sun during specific hours. The period from 12 PM-3 PM is when the UV rays’ intensity is quite high as well as avoiding sun exposure during this time can protect the skin from skin cancer, free radical damage, and tan.
  • Do not be lenient even when it is cloudy – The cloudy day can offer you the false sense of safety, however, unfortunately, sun rays can also penetrate through clouds as well as can result in sunburn. Even when it is cloudy there, one of the most important Sun tanning tips to follow is to keep reapplying sunscreen.
  • Prefer to stay in shade – When you are outside, seek shade. It means using an umbrella at the parks, looking for trees when outside, or under any sort of awning at the summer BBQ as the more time you spend in the shade, the less vulnerability you face.

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Glowing, natural, and healthy skin is the look that makes everyone look their best. Although when you tan, outdoors or indoors, you enhance aging signs and the risk of getting skin cancer. There is no denying the fact that scorching can turn out to be daunting.

However, always remember that taking proper precautions can assist avoid sunburn, tan, or sun damage. Following the above-mentioned tips will make you feel secure while being out in the sun’s heat.

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