Effects of Hepatitis C On Your Hair, Nails And Skin

The majority of people who have been infected with HCV go for a quite long time before knowing that they have it. This is because there often are not any symptoms for several years. By the time people notice any changes on their skin that is the sign the HCV has damaged the liver already. Hepatitis C has been known as the silent disease.

That is due to there is harm going on the inside as well as you don’t have any idea. You might not even look like you are sick and that is why you should undergo regular check-ups so that, if diagnosed, you can get a proper Hepatitis C treatment.

The healthy liver breaks down the toxins in the cells as well as supports the body to remove them. While your liver gets compromised from Hepatitis C, the virus, or from the impacts of treating HCV, the toxins build-up in the tissues of your body, the nutrients have a tough time reaching the cells, as well as inflammation can take place. Lack of nutrients, inflammation, and excessive toxins can cause hair, nails, and skin problems from hepatitis C.

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Hepatitis C and Hair Loss

Changes to the hair/hair loss from this disease can be frightening, as well as a majority of people wish to be as protective as they can for reducing the impacts of such changes. A few of the medications to treat HCV can cause the hair to change, or also fall out. This is often temporary. Your hair might return to usual within weeks after the end of the treatment.

Some individuals have found the below-mentioned steps for being successful in reducing hair loss they go through after getting diagnosed or/and while under the treatment for Hepatitis C –

  • In case you shower regularly, consider skipping your shampoo and utilizing only water for rinsing scalp and hair as this assists maintain natural oils and moisture on your scalp.
  • The attempt at washing the hair infrequently i.e., every third day or every other day
  • Use your conditioner generously
  • While shampooing, shampoo twice for clearing follicles of all additional build-up

Moreover, there are plenty of skin problems from hepatitis C. A few usual conditions are loss of skin pigment, easy bruising, itching, and rashes. Bilirubin is a vital substance that comes from the break-down of hemoglobin. While your liver can’t do the job, bilirubin can build up as well as cause jaundice, yellowing of the skin along with your eyes’ whites.

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Easy bruising and bleeding

The liver makes those things that support the blood clot. While it is damaged, it just can’t make enough. You may begin to easily bleed along with having trouble in stopping it. Or you may easily bruise. Consult the other doctors or your dentist before undergoing the medical procedure. Treat the cuts with pressure bandages as well as reach out to your doctor right away.

Wondering how nails can be affected by hepatitis c? Well, faulty liver function can also result in poor nutrition. This results in improper growth of nails and hairs as well.


It is the fluid build-up in the belly which comes with the bad liver scarring known as cirrhosis. Damage to the liver results in High BP in the liver veins as well as you face trouble in breathing, easy bruising, and speedy weight gain. The doctor will maybe instruct you to check out the low-salt diet along with prescribing medications known as diuretics which support the body in getting rid of water. If it doesn’t help, there are processes to eliminate fluid. In case nothing helps, one might require a liver transplant.


Also, fluid build-up in the body can cause the feet, ankles, or legs to swell. It is less likely, however, your face and hands could swell too. When it comes to hepatitis C and skin effects, in case of ascites, the doctor will maybe suggest you try the low-salt diet along with taking medications known as diuretics for supporting the body to get rid of water.


It can display soon after you get infected with HCV. Also, it can appear after years of infection as well as cirrhosis. Consult the doctor in case you think that you have it. For treating this condition, you will be required to treat the HCV infection along with liver damage which is causing it.

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The toxins that build-up in the blood, as well as cause jaundice, can make one itch too. You might feel it into only the feet and hands or all over the body. Also, treatments for this disease can cause itchy, dry skin. Feel free to talk to the doctor in case the problem is quite bad.

Lichen Planus

Hepatitis C virus appears as the purplish bumps which often begin on your wrist however they can pop up anywhere. It can cause the lacy-looking patches or the sores inside the mouth, as well. In case you have it in the mouth, avoid those things which can make it even worse, and that includes citrus fruits, tomatoes, and tobacco. Brush the teeth twice regularly as well as floss every day.

It is often thought that HCV’s impacts on your liver can affect the health of your skin, nails, and hair, indirectly. However, among the most usual culprits of the hair loss in individuals who are infected from this disease is the Hepatitis C treatment regimens that contain interferon therapy. In case you observe any of the above-mentioned skin, hairs, or nails issues, contact the doctor. Having medicine for treating HCV might clear the skin along with preventing other health concerns, as well.

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