Check Out These Successful Home Remedies For Cystic Breast Tissue

Also called, Fibrocystic Breast Tissue, Cystic Breast Tissue is a condition that includes the breast lumps or thickened tissues areas that are, at times, tender as well as can vary with your menstrual cycle. Though this term might sound ominous, it defines the benign situation of Breast lump pain which over 60% of all ladies go through. Hormonal fluctuations (insufficient progesterone and/or excess estrogen) during perimenopause, the time of stress, or puberty can cause cystic tissue to occur.

How can one tell? Its symptoms include an irregular, bumpy, and dense consistency of your breast tissue. During the self-examination, you might feel the thick area of an irregularly shaped tissue along with a ridge-like or lumpy surface, or you might encounter the bead-like texture to the breast tissue. Wondering how to cure breast lump naturally? You will be glad to find out that your breast tenderness along with other symptoms can often be handled through diet.

In case you think that you have the fibrocystic breast tissue, make sure to consult with the physician who must always check any lump(s) in your breast. Rather than the intermittent symptoms, a few women have persistent symptoms. Moreover, the condition subsides with menopause.

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Try out these effective home remedies for curing Cyclic Breast Tissue-

Ice Compresses – The Ice packs might be a bit of a shock to tender breasts, however, the cold compress can offer breasts a bit of relief from inflammation and tenderness. For all those people out there who are wondering how to cure breast lump without surgery, this is one of the best techniques to try. For making it initially shocking but finally a soothing remedy, fill the re-closable, plastic bag with the crushed ice, or utilize the frozen peas’ bag and then wrap in the towel. First, lie down and then place on your sore breast(s) for 10 minutes. Please note that a few women find alternating cold and heat, applying first heat for half an hour and then cold for 10 minutes which helps in minimizing pain.

Use Red Raspberry Leaf – There are some exceptions, like periods of more severe change such as perimenopause when the cystic breast tissue can return. It might also happen that after 1 year of relief from the breast cysts, they reappear suddenly, uncommonly uncomfortable and tender, in the middle of the bout of insomnia. Insomnia is also a perimenopause symptom along with common hormone imbalance.


Tincture of Red Raspberry leaf is a strong herbal tactic for healing fibrocystic breast tissue. Considered as one of the best foods that shrink breast cysts, it gently and effectively balances hormones through detoxing additional estrogen. Take it daily as it often maintains the hormonal balance over time.

Reduce/eliminate the consumption of drinks – Tea, coffee, wine, beer, and soft drinks all have methylxanthines i.e., the chemicals which trigger your body to enhance stress hormones’ production. These hormones are associated with breast tenderness and lumps. As per the studies, avoiding or decreasing the intake of these liquids from your diet can reduce symptoms in a maximum of 80% of women.

Consume Iodine-rich food items – To avoid breast lumps, the natural practitioner generally prescribes iodine as the nutritional supplement. Breast tenderness can often signify the iodine deficiency. Moreover, Iodine assists your body usher out extra estrogen while making the cells less responsive to it. However, in case you have the thyroid condition, please communicate with your doctor before consuming Iodine.


People with thyroid conditions should balance the intake of Iodine with proper selenium. Besides, Iodine enhances the thyroid gland for producing more thyroid hormone and that can be harmful in case the gland is weakened already.

Eating vegetables – Diuretics assist flush additional liquids from your body and decrease breast swelling as well as the development of a movable lump in breast. Unfortunately, various store-purchased diuretics can also help in depleting the potassium reserves, interfering with glucose creation, and unbalancing the electrolyte count. Instead, try out the natural diuretics. Cucumbers, Cabbage, and Parsley are healthy for you as well as will help you in remaining naturally flushed.

Have whole-grain foods – Enhancing your fiber intake can assist control your hormonal fluctuations behind the Cystic Breast Tissue. Consume brown rice, whole-wheat bread, fruits, and beans.

Limit Meat consumption – For avoiding Breast lump pain, make sure to restrict your meat consumption as much as possible. Before you head to the butcher’s block, chicken, cows, as well as other livestock are generally pumped full of hormones. Your body does not require the excess influx, particularly during the hormone high-time of the period. In case meat has to be on your menu, buy hormone-free meats along with poultry at the health food store.

Needless to say, Cystic Breast Tissue can be painful. Moreover, check out these tips for easing discomfort – 

  • Press ice or heat to the painful areas
  • Avoid contact activities and sports which could affect the breasts
  • Wear a supportive, good quality bra which fits well and if needed, keep it on during the night
  • Consume the OTC (Over-The-Counter) an anti-inflammatory drug such as ibuprofen

If you are dealing with the question of how to cure breast lump naturally, then have a look at the above-mentioned methods and try them out as per your suitability. Also, surgery for removing breast cyst is mandatory only in uncommon conditions. Surgery might be taken into account in case the uncomfortable breast cyst reappears month-after-month or if your breast cyst stays blood-tinged fluid or displays other worrying signs.

Nonetheless, these home remedies are meant for preventing and easing Cystic Breast Tissue symptoms. However, always remember that these symptoms can be a warning sign for a more threatening ailment, so make sure that you consult with the doctor.

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