What should I do for reducing my risk of Breast Cancer

In case you are concerned regarding developing Breast Cancer, you may be wondering if there are ways to prevent breast cancer. A few risk factors, like family history, can’t be altered. However, there are many lifestyle changes to make for lowering this risk. Throughout your life, various factors can boost the risk of breast cancer. Yes, there is no absolute way of preventing breast cancer however there are things which you do for decreasing the risk of the same.

Moreover, the greatest risk to be diagnosed with breast cancer is being the woman. The second one is age. Please note that the older you get, the higher this risk goes up. Every woman has her structure of risk factors and each one of them can produce her plan with the clinician for lowering her risk of getting this disease. For men who are at the risk of this disease, this applies to them as well.

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So, follow these tips for minimizing breast cancer risk and live a healthier life – 

Watch your weight – Wondering how to prevent breast cancer? Well, the answer is nourishing the body with vegetables and fruits as well as maintaining the healthy weight throughout your life can assist reduce breast cancer risk. As per studies, breast cancer risk among women is enhanced with obesity (being very overweight) specifically after menopause. Probably, obesity is the risk factor for male breast cancer too.

Avoid Tobacco – In case you are a smoker, quit now. Not only smoking causes a lot of different cancers which include breast cancer, but also, it can damage almost every organ in the body, which includes your heart, lungs, eyes, blood vessels, skin, bones, and eyes. Smoking causes many diseases as well as is associated with higher breast cancer risk in premenopausal, younger women. Whenever possible, avoid second-hand smoke as it can also be as destructive. According to research, there might be a link between quite heavy second-hand smoke exposure as well as breast cancer risk in the postmenopausal ladies.

Limit or avoid hormone replacement therapy – As per the research, menopausal women who undergo HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) might be more likely to have breast cancer. Communicate with the doctor about different alternatives of how to reduce risk of breast cancer and handle side effects of menopause, along with the benefits and risks of each.

Restrict alcohol consumption – The more alcohol you consume, the greater is the risk of getting breast cancer. The usual recommendation, according to the research on the effects of alcohol regarding breast cancer risk, is to limit yourself to even less than a single drink per day, as even a tiny amount boosts risk.

Stay Physically active – Several studies have displayed that average to robust physical exercise is related to lower risk of breast cancer, so it is imperative for getting daily physical activity. The American Cancer Society suggests that adults go through at least 150-300 minutes of average intensity or 75-150 minutes of strong intensity activity every week (or the blend of these), favorably spread across the week. Exceeding or getting to the upper limit of 300 minutes is the most suitable option.

Maintain a proper diet – Consuming 5 or more servings of the vegetables and fruits regularly might lower the risk of breast cancer. The authentic vitamin antioxidants found in vegetables and fruits might decrease your breast cancer risk factors slightly. Also, you must consume foods that are low in terms of saturated fat. Consuming vitamin supplements doesn’t seem to reduce cancer risk. It includes calcium supplements and vitamin D.

Know the family history (even your Dad’s) – You might be at the greater breast cancer risk in case you have family members (siblings, parents, aunts, grandparents, cousins, uncles, nephews, and nieces) who have developed ovarian, prostate, or breast cancer, specifically at the elder age. Women and men with a strong family history of cancer might wish to take into account genetic counselling. Interact with your genetic counsellor or doctor.

Avoid the exposure to environmental and radiation pollution – The medical-imaging tactics, like computerized tomography, utilize strong radiation doses. While more studies are required, a few of the research reports recommend an association between increasing exposure to radiation over time and breast cancer. Decrease the exposure through having these tests only when they are 100% necessary.

Take Medicines (for those at increased breast cancer risk) – The prescription medications can be utilized to support the reduced risk of breast cancer in specific women at enhanced breast cancer risk. For these women, one of the best tips for breast cancer prevention is to take medicines like raloxifene and tamoxifen which block estrogen’s action in your breast tissue. Raloxifene is only utilized for ladies who have undergone menopause while Tamoxifen may be an alternative even in case you have not undergone menopause. Other drugs, known as aromatase inhibitors, may also be an alternative for those women who are past menopause. Each one of these medicines can have side effects as well, so it is relevant to comprehend the possible risks and benefits of consuming one of them.

Stay vigilant about the detection of breast cancer. In case you observe any changes in the breasts, like skin change or the new lump, book an appointment with your doctor. Furthermore, ask him when to start mammograms as well as other screenings as per the personal history. Always remember that staying healthy for your whole life will reduce the risk of getting cancer, as well as better the chances of surviving the same in case it occurs.

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