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15 best cough and cold OTC medicines

15 Best Cough and Cold OTC Medicines in the Philippines

The only cure for cough, and cold symptoms are home remedies and OTC medicines. Over-the-counter (OTC) drugs can serve with several different symptoms. You can get your over-the-counter medicines from an online drugstore in the…

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Clear Stuffy Nose

12 Ways to Clear Stuffy Nose (Clogged Nose) at Home

Are you annoyed with your stuffy nose? Well, that’s true no one likes stuffy and watery noses. Keeping tissues in pockets, carrying a napkin, or changing the towel again and again may irritate you. If…

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What Are the Home Remedies and Over-The-Counter Medicines to Treat Tonsils?

Tonsillitis is a disease that occurs by both bacterial and viral infections. Tonsillitis can lead to sore tonsils, tonsillitis fever, hoarse voice, bad breath, and ear pain. Several home remedies of tonsils are available to…

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What is Influenza

Influenza: What Is It, Side Effects and Treatments

For most people, influenza resolves on its own. But sometimes, its difficulties can be life-threatening. Contact your specialist and buy medicine online as per the specialist’s recommended medicines. Avoid contacting people during flu symptoms; it…

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Common Communicable disease

10 Most Common Communicable Diseases with Symptoms and Prevention.

A common communicable disease is a disease that spreads to another body, especially during air-borne infections or in the rainy season. It is essential to protect yourself from viruses or infections while maintaining hygiene and…

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Over The Counter Drug List in Philippines

Pinakamahusay Na Over-The-Counter Na Gamot Sa Pilipinas

Ang mga gamot na over-the-counter ay makakatulong upang makapagbigay ng mabilis na lunas, mayroon ka man sakit ng ulo, baradong ilong, ubo, o sipon. Napakaraming tao ang nakakakuha ng kaginhawaan mula sa mga sintomas na…

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dry cough medicine in philippines

Dry Cough Treatment And Medications Available In The Philippines

Coughing is a common way of cleaning the larynx and lungs of irritants. An unusual dry cough is a matter of concern; however, coughing for more than 1 week may lead to doctor consultation. Try…

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kennel cough in human

Kennel Cough: Symptoms, Treatments, Vaccines, Side Effects in Humans.

Cough can be found in both humans and dogs; if you have a hacking cough, it can be kennel cough. It is also called infectious tracheobronchitis. It is a disease that can be found in…

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flu vaccine in philippines

Flu Vaccine: Benefits, side effects, and prices in the Philippines

Flu is commonly known as Influenza, is a contagious infection that directly strikes the respiratory system, mainly lungs, throat, and nose. The flu can cause a sudden cold and cough, fever, runny and stuffy nose,…

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what is Tuberculosis

What is tuberculosis (TB)? Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

Tuberculosis (TB) is a possibly severe infectious disease that principally attacks the lungs. The bacteria that produce TB are separated from person to person through tiny droplets discharged into the air via colds and sneezes….

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