Why Do We Crave For Junk Food On A Sleepless Night?

At times we are awake late nights, completing our work commitments or simply binge-watching a web series, we tend to crave a delicious pizza or a bowl of Maggi. These un-timed cravings lead to unhealthy eating habits overall. Having pizza is not bad but having it in the middle of the night is very unhealthy for the body.


A sleepless night makes us irritable and fatigued that is a major reason for our body to yearn for high-calorie foods with lots of processed sugars and oil. It is very important to avoid this junk food at night time as munching on not so healthy food will not give a healthy start to the following day.

Specialists discovered sleepless individuals picked calorically thick foods, for example, potato chips, pizza and doughnuts and had more significant levels of one hormone called an endocannabinoid. When this hormone is increased in our body, we tend to attract to smell and taste of junk food, it is near impossible to control ourselves from eating not so healthy food at that moment.


Our brain shuts our senses to understand the number of calories and nutrition in junk food items. This is one of the major problems people face while they are wide awake at night time. Tiredness and frustration also lead to unhealthy eating habits and lead to difficulty in sleeping or performing daily activities well.

These unhealthy eating habits are a big cause of weight gain in individuals as when we eat sugary and processed food items at the wrong time it leads to the indigestion of the food products which causes our body to gain weight. Also, sleep-deprived individuals find it hard to gather their energy in the day time and hitting the gym effectively or doing daily chores with zeal.


As observed by some studies, Individuals who sleep less than six hours a day were almost thirty per cent more likely to lead to obesity. There are two kinds of hormones related to our appetite, one being ghrelin that stimulates hunger pangs, while leptin sends signals to our brain that you are well satiated and also suppressed appetite. Lack of sleep leads to decrement in leptin and increment in ghrelin and that is an alarming issue as this imbalance of hormones is not good for the proper functioning of the body.

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A good sleep schedule is important in order to combat junk food cravings. A night of good sleep leads to reduced stress levels, reduced risk of chronic diseases like cancer or heart attacks, reduced inflammation in the body, improved sharpness of the brain, smarter functioning of the brain, reduced chances of depression, helps the body tissues to repair and also aids in weight loss. Get rid of unhealthy eating habits as fast as you can in order to lead a happy and healthy life. You should incorporate a good sleeping pattern in your lifestyle as it will help you work efficiently throughout the day.

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