What Are The Different Types Of Appendicitis

What Are The Different Types Of Appendicitis?

Appendicitis occurs when the appendix ends up becoming inflamed. At times it can be acute or at times it can be chronic. It happens when the body suffers from abdominal pain including nausea, abdominal pain, or vomiting. Appendicitis causes when there is a blockage of the hollow portion. The blockage in the body can lead to an increase in the pressure in the appendix. It can even lead to the growth in the bacteria that can lead to the appendix. The appendicitis pain can lead to tissue injury along with the death of tissue.

Some of the symptoms of appendicitis

  1. It can lead to the pain in the upper abdomen along with the loss of appetite
  2. One can get vomiting or the diarrhea
  3. People might suffer from constipation or the abdominal swelling
  4. One might get a fever or indigestion or the gas pass

Mild cramping can lead to appendicitis pain. The pain starts to the upper abdomen and reaches to the bellybutton area. If a person is suffering from constipation, then you should not take laxatives or the enema. Such treatments can lead to the appendix to the burst. It is suggested that one should contact the doctor in case they are feeling any such symptoms.

What are the types of appendicitis?

  1. Acute Appendicitis: It is severe or a sudden case of appendicitis. These symptoms end up developing within a day or two. The person who is suffering from such an issue requires the best and immediate treatment.
  2. Chronic appendicitis: It is less common as compared to acute appendicitis. In the chronic cases of appendicitis symptoms can be considered as relatively mind. At times it might not be diagnosed until the person gets acute appendicitis.
  3. Simple appendicitis: There are various cases and it does not cause any complication
  4. Complex appendicitis: The cases might involve certain complication like the abscess

Risk factor:   It is believed that people who are between the age of around 15 to 30 years might suffer from such a disease. Even the ones with the family history might end up in getting the risk factor.

types of appendicitis

Appendicitis in the kids

It is believed that around 70,000 children experience such disease at a tender age and that is why parents need to be very careful. It is vital for parents to keep track of their children’s habits so as to know whether anything is wrong with them or not. Most of the time the teenagers or the children suffer from stomachache which is near to the navel. The pain might turn out to be even severe when it is below the navel. At times the children might start to lose the appetite in a way that they do not eat anything on a complete day. Some of the children might suffer from fever or vomiting.

So, if in any case, you notice any changes in your child, then it is vital for you to get it checked from the doctor at the earliest.

Now the question arises: can stress cause appendicitis? Yes, stress can be considered as the major reason that can lead to appendicitis. That is why it is vital to take care of oneself in a way that the person is free from such ailments without taking much time.

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How to prevent appendicitis?

According to the study, one can know that there is no such cure to prevent oneself from appendicitis. But one can try to lower the risk by adding on the better diet which carries fiber in it. It is believed that appendicitis is less common in countries where people consume a high amount of fiber diet.

Some of the foods that are high in fiber are:

1. Fruits


3. beans

4. brown rice

5. whole grains

One can add the fiber by:

  1. Sprinkling the oat bran on the cereals or the yogurt
  2. Cooking the ingredients with the whole-wheat flour
  3. Consuming more of the brown rice
  4. Enhancing the intake of kidney beans
  5. Consuming more of the fresh fruits

If one wants, then they can take complete care of themselves that can help in getting rid of such trouble from their body.

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