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Washing Hands Often? 7 Tips on How to Keep Your Skin Healthy

Washing hands is an activity that can keep you healthy as well as can avoid the spread of diarrheal and respiratory functions from 1 person to the next. With the Coronavirus outbreak, professionals from WHO (World Health Organization) as well as CDC (Centres for Disease Control & Prevention) are motivating everybody to frequently wash their hands. 

However, scrubbing the hands more often can negatively affect the skin of some people. Yes, it is vital to follow those advisories which are laid down by the World Health Organization, but you can always follow some Healthy skin tips for minimizing the drying effect which the act of washing can have on the skin. 

Check out these 7 tips to keep the health of your skin intact – 

Utilize moisturizing soap – Because a lot of soaps can strip your skin as well as cause them for being cracked and dry, wash the hands with a moisturizing soap. Also, you must look out for those soaps which have ingredients like lanolin and glycerine. 

Apply the moisturizer – Once you give the hands a good rinse, apply the hand cream instantly afterward. While your skin is still a bit damp, applying the thick moisturizer will help in locking-in moisture quickly as well as restoring the barrier of your skin. 

Wash your hands with warm water – One of the major Healthy skin tips to keep in mind is that hot water strips the hands of any natural oils and that is why you must use lukewarm water along with a lot of soap. So, wash hands with lukewarm or cool water and soap for a minimum of 20 seconds and do it thoroughly between around the nails and your fingers.

Wear Gloves – Along with applying the moisturizer to your damp skin after washing, soak hands in normal water for 5 minutes and then apply the moisturizer as well as wear the gloves for 1-2 hours. For chapped hands, it is suggested to heavily moisturize them with a thick cream as well as wear cotton gloves overnight. 

Dry the hands thoroughly – Water has the drying effect on hands as it decreased the oil amount into your skin as it evaporates. Thereby, drying the hands thoroughly after washing them is also among the most important Healthy skin tips.

Utilize Skin Balm – In case washing the skin led to cracked or dry skin, directly apply the skin balm like Vaseline to affected areas. If a person has deep fissures that usually takes place at the fingers’ sides by nail inserts, consider buying liquid Band-Aid. 

Substitute your hand sanitizer for the soap – Hand sanitizers are another alternative for limiting handwashing till your skin recovers. However, in some cases like before eating, when your hands are noticeably soiled, or after going to the bathroom, thorough hand-washing is required. 

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Be it the increasingly elevating COVID-19 Pandemic or just any winter season, hand-washing is among the most efficient ways of preventing the infections’ transmission. Moreover, in case you develop severely irritated, dry skin or dermatitis, you might need an evaluation by the dermatologist as well as prescription medications.