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How Does Oral Health Determine Your Heart Health?

For a healthy living, the body needs to be maintained properly so that one can lead a healthy life. Though taking care of the teeth all the time might not be the only way to get yourself away from heart diseases, but yes there is a connection between oral health and heart health. According to a study it has proven that bad oral health can lead to a lot of health problems. Normal heart rate if increased can lead to heart problems. That is why a person is suggested that they should keep a proper check on the heart rate to get away from all the issues related to the heart.

Normal heart rate along with oral health plays a big role in heart diseases. That is one of the major reason a person is suggested to maintain teeth in the best way possible. If they are not taken care properly then an individual can suffer from a lot of heart problems.

Some of the studies have shown that-

  1. The diseases related to the gum can lead to a lot of trouble or the problems related to the heart.
  2. Oral health can lead to the entrance of infection in the body or the bloodstream. Especially the people who are having an artificial heart valve need to take care of complete hygiene.
  3. The pattern of tooth loss can lead to artery disease.


So to keep the oral health better a person should follow things like-

  1. Brushing the teeth at least two times a day one in the morning and the second before going on bed.
  2. The check-up should be done with the doctor if facing teeth problem.
  3. Wash your teeth with warm water and salt. This is the best way of keeping teeth stronger.
  4. After having food make sure to wash your teeth properly so as to make sure that nothing is left in the tooth.
  5. Cleaning of the tooth should be done regularly.

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When to see the doctor?

 when the gyms have turned red or swollen and you are feeling sore throat, then it is the right time to see the doctor. Even when the gum is bleeding at the time of eating food or doing brush, then also it is a possibility to look for the doctor. When the person sees any pumps or has bad taste in the mouth.

Make a note that Normal heart rate when an increase can lead to heart problems, but oral health even plays a major role. It is because the food enters our body through the mouth and if it is not clean then the food which gets inside the body will not be clean. Every eatable item is taken by chewing through teeth. That is why the teeth or oral health plays a big role in keeping the person healthy. It is because if any infection or the bacteria affect teeth, then it will get in our body easily.