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Egg, Banana, and Oatmeal – Major Ingredients to Shed Those Extra Kilos

Filling up on the right food items can keep a person feeling full and curb cravings which will ultimately help him/her in easing weight loss and minimizing snacking. If you are someone who is struggling with the question of How to lose weight, then here is good news for you i.e., consuming banana, oatmeal, and egg can set the right tone for a healthy diet. Regarding the same, hard-boiled eggs, bananas, and oatmeal are 3 major healthy alternatives that are simple to peel and then eat, as well as they offer you protein for filling you up and offering carbohydrates for energy. 


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Here is how you can utilize these major ingredients in the diet and shed the extra kilos – 

Oatmeal – There are a few major reasons why oatmeal is such a strong player as it is filled with fiber, the nutrient which has been shown for improving health and accelerating weight loss. Also, it is among the best sources of resistant starch. Wondering How to lose weight without having to spend bucks on snacks and granola bars? Simple, extend the grocery budget for keeping hunger at bay, and rather make the homemade oat-based batch. Also, rolled oats can be utilized as an alternative for the breadcrumbs in recipes such as chicken nuggets, meatloaf, and meatballs. It might not be traditional however it works perfectly as well as is a simple way of sneaking a bit of additional nutrition into the family meals. 

   Eggs – They are low in calories, might boost your metabolism, and are protein-rich. As eggs are filled with proteins along with a lot of other nutrients, it would be best to have them in breakfast when your digestion system runs at its best. They will fuel the body with energy for your entire day as well as will keep you full too. 

In case you wish to avoid utilizing oil or butter for cooking eggs so that extra fat can be avoided, then the most suitable way of cooking them is by baking the eggs. Not only are they low-fat and non-oily, but they taste amazing as well with a strange smoky flavor. 



Bananas – The right answer to your question of How to lose weight also lies in consuming this much-loved fruit. A medium banana has just more than 100 calories yet it packs 3 grams of the dietary fiber which knocks a maximum of 12% of the regular fiber requirements in a single shot. Low in calories and high in fiber, bananas are the best option to sugary breakfast cereals for satisfying the sweet tooth first thing in the morning. In addition to this, unripe bananas are also a brilliant source of the resistant starch (that the small intestine and stomach don’t digest). 

Always remember that eating the wrong food items in your breakfast can magnify the craving as well as can set you up for failure even before the day starts. Do not forget that your eating habits can guide weight loss however its effects vary from person-to-person. So, incorporate these 3 major healthy food items in your diet to live a healthy and happy life.