Different Stages and Symptoms of Throat Cancer!

Cancer itself is considered to be a most dangerous disease that can kill the person from inside. May it be any cancer of the body, one needs to take complete precautions along with treatment if getting back life on track is what you need. Cancer occurs when the abnormal cells divide into uncontrollable forms within the body. It might lead to a tumor and can grow to different stages.

Throat cancer

Under such cancer, the vocal cords or the voice box are being affected. Throat cancer is grouped into two categories like laryngeal cancer and pharyngeal cancer. This cancer is very uncommon in comparison with various other cancers. According to a recent study the national cancer institute has informed that around 1.2 percent of people have been diagnosed with oral cavity along with pharyngeal for the lifetime. On the other hand, around 0.3 percent of people are diagnosed with laryngeal cancer.

Types of throat cancer 

All throat cancer involves the growth and development of abnormal cells within the body. So, it is in the hands of the doctor to identify the type of treatment or the plan that is used under such cancer.

Two major types of throat cancer are:

  1. Squamous cell carcinoma- Under such cancer the cells affect the lining of the throat abruptly. In the United States, this is considered to be the most common cancer.
  2. Adenocarcinoma- Under such cancer, the glandular cells are affected. It is considered to be a rare form of cancer.

Throat cancer stages

Finding up the right doctor guidance can help in bringing great changes in adding up better health. 

  1. stage 0 throat cancer- Under this cancer the tumor is present in the top layer of the throat. It is considered to be an early-stage throat cancer which can be treated well by the doctors if diagnosed properly.
  2. stage 1 throat cancer- In this case, the tumor is not more than 2cm and it is only limited to a particular part of the throat.
  3. stage 2 throat cancer- In this stage, the tumor is between 2 to 4 cm. Even cancer might grow in the nearby area.
  4. stage 3 throat cancer- In such a cancer stage the tumor rises more than 4 cm and widely spread to the other lymph nodes. One needs to get in touch with the doctor who can help the patient as soon as possible.

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Early-stage throat cancer symptoms

  1. Cough
  2. Change in the voice
  3. Sore throat
  4. Weight loss
  5. A lump that does not heal

In the final stages of throat cancer symptoms, the person needs to see the doctor immediately. It is because, under such conditions, one might not keep up good health. All the symptoms might increase with different growing stages, so you need to have patience and add the best practice if possible.

Doctors try and take up with stage 4 throat cancer symptoms as consideration and try to mend the ways accordingly. If the cancer stages are not handled by an individual properly, then it can lead to great trouble every time possible.

Imaging Test of throat cancer

MRI(Magnetic resonance imaging): Under such imaging tests experts use the radio waves that are strong enough and carry magnet vibes for creating the pictures in detail of the inside of the neck. MRI gives the look of a tumor in your throat so that the doctors can detect the area of action.

PET Scan(Positron emission tomography): Under this scan, it involves injecting the radioactive dye within the blood. The scan helps in creating the image in the area of your body in such a way that the entire picture of the body or the advanced cancer is captured properly.

CT Scan( Computed tomography)- In this testing part, X-rays are to be created of different pictures of the body. Doctors use such scans in a way that they can detect the size of the tumor. Even one can know whether the tumor has been spread to other body parts like the lungs or not.

Barium Swallow: The doctors might suggest the barium swallow in case of swallowing difficulties. You will be drinking a thick liquid that will be coated with the esophagus and throat. Under this test, an X-ray is created using the image of the esophagus along with the throat.

Chest X-ray: The doctors will be conducting the chest X-rays in a way that one can detect the actual place of cancer if any.


Treatment for throat cancer

  1. An oncologist is a person who can help in performing the surgery of the tumor and can remove it with all the perfection.
  2. The radiation oncologist treats cancer using radiations through therapy in the best way possible.
  3. The pathologist is the one who is responsible for examining the tissues of the samples with the biopsy.

If a person is having any surgery, there will be an anesthesiologist who will help in administering monitoring and analyzing the conduction of an individual during the entire procedure.

The option of the treatment through cancer adds on with radiation therapy, surgery along with chemotherapy. This treatment method is suggested by the doctors depending upon the extent of the illness faced by an individual.


If the person is facing a tumor in the throat and it is small in size, then surgery can be the best option possible. Different types of surgeries can be conducted in a way to get away from this tumor.

  1. Endoscopic surgery: Under this treatment, an endoscope is used during the surgery so that one can treat cancer and can know which stage it has exceeded to.
  2. Cordectomy: In such treatment, the removal of the vocal cords is conducted.
  3. Laryngectomy: This treatment adds on with the removal of all the un-required portions like the voice box. On the other hand, it gives learning to an individual about how to speak without using the vocal box.

So, have a better treatment of throat cancer before it exceeds the stages.

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