Dental Hygiene Advice for Healthy Teeth and Gums

Dental Hygiene Advice for Healthy Teeth and Gums

If you want to assess your health on a long-term basis, you need to ensure that you are strong inside out. This stands true for your dental health and hygiene as well. You need to invest a lifetime of care and precautions to achieve healthy whites; it’s not just about one day. Having a set dental care routine will help you prevent serious teeth issues in the future. All you need to do is visit your dentist twice a year for thorough screening and use the right oral care products while being mindful of your daily habits.

Besides this, here are some other useful things that you must take note of regularly:

Brushing your teeth is important before going to bed

This recommendation is no secret anymore. This general advice is given by almost every dentist. Brushing your teeth at least twice a day not just ensures good dental health but also keeps your teeth shiny and white.

However, we usually seem to ignore this advice and skip brushing at night. If we adopt the habit of regularly brushing before bed, no plaque or germs will accumulate on the teeth’ enamel. To ensure proper cleaning, one must use the correct techniques and the right pressure movements.

Brush correctly

Brush correctly

The way you brush is more important than the number of times you are doing it. If you aren’t brushing correctly, it will do more harm than good to you. At times, it will be equivalent to no brushing at all. Take time to brush your teeth. Ensure that you are moving the brush with simple strokes in a gentle motion.

Try using the circular motion for better results as this can easily remove the plaque. If the plaque on your teeth remains unremoved, it can harden up soon and leads to the calculus build-up. It can also result in issues like gingivitis. So be very careful about how you brush.

Do not forget your tongue

Not just your denture but the plaque gets formed on your tongue too. This is the primary reason behind the oral odour, and it usually doesn’t go away so easily. Along with this, other oral health problems can also arise. To prevent this from happening, it is recommended to clean your tongue daily with a tongue-cleaner while brushing. For better results, you can also use a mouth freshener. 

Always use fluoride-based toothpaste

Don’t forget to check the toothpaste contents before buying one. Your chosen toothpaste should add to your oral health.  So, while picking it, you should look beyond its flavors and whitening power.

The paste must contain fluorides, no matter what version of the product you are choosing. Fluorides are important for maintaining the health of your teeth in the long run. It acts as a defence mechanism against the issues like tooth decay or cavities. It is well capable of fighting the germs that are the main cause of teeth decay and provides a protective barrier against different types of teeth problems.

Treat teeth flossing with equal importance

Most of us remember to brush our teeth daily, and that too twice a day but we usually forget to floss them. Flossing not just helps you take out those little pieces of food stuck in the teeth but also boosts and stimulates your gum health. It is a great way of reducing plaque levels in your mouth and also helps in decreasing inflammation in the affected mouth areas.

These benefits can only be achieved through flossing once a day. There are many ways in which you can floss your teeth. The most effective is the traditional dental flossing, where you use a segment of string between your teeth. Water flossing is also a good way to get those stuck particles out. Other than these, you can also go for floss sticks, floss picks, mouthwash or interdental brushes.

Treat teeth flossing with equal importance

Consider using mouthwash after brushing

Advertisements have made us realize how important mouthwash can be yet most of us tend to skip them off. Majorly because there is less education about how the mouthwash works. Mouthwash reduces the amount of acid-forming inside the mouth. It cleans the areas that are normally tough to reach with toothbrushes.

It also protects and cleanses the gums and helps to re-mineralize the teeth. Mouthwash has been regarded as an adjunct tool to keep things in balance inside the mouth. People who cannot floss must use mouthwash.

Replace your toothbrush at regular intervals

It is a general rule to replace your toothbrush after every 3 to 6 months. This is necessary to keep your teeth in good health and shape. Frayed or damaged brushes make it difficult to clean the teeth’ surface, which can eventually damage your gums. Replacing the toothbrush periodically ensures that it is clean and does not have a bacteria build-up. Always remember to clean and rinse your brush thoroughly and dry it completely after use.

Following the above-mentioned dental hygiene advice is sure to keep your denture healthy and white. However, if you are suffering from any acute dental problem, it is recommended to visit your dentist right away. 

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