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Consume The Right Food Items and Bid Adieu to Dry Skin and Hair

Your dry skin looks dull and malnourished throughout the year as well as is also a site for skin infections. Along with this, the health of your hair is also impacted by the foods you consume and that is why maintaining the shine of your hair is a question whose answer lies in your kitchen. Always remember that getting every essential nutrient will make the hair healthier and stronger. As far as your Skin care routine is concerned, in case an external moisturizer is not sufficient, this is the high time for you to check out the dry skin diet.

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Here is the list of a few nourishing foods which will hydrate both your skin and hair as well as will give them a glowing look – 

Oysters – Are you done with those chemical-rich Skin care products? Try out consuming oysters as it contains the high level of zinc which helps in repairing your skin through creating collagen. Furthermore, it helps in androgen production as well as thereby fights against dandruff and hair fall. Along with this, it also guides your tresses to retain health and shine. 

Sweet Potatoes – Eating this healthy food item comes under the list of Skin care tips as with its help, your skin will get the healthy glow in a matter of time. Its root veg has ample beta-carotene, which your body transforms into vitamin A, thereby preventing flaky, dry skin, and retaining moisture. Besides, vitamin A also prevents dull hair and scalp along with promoting growth and appropriate oxygen circulation to the hair follicle. 

Bell Peppers – Include every color of Bell Pepper in the diet since they are the best source of vitamin C which guarantees effective oxygen transition to the hair follicles. It also assists in collagen production along with preventing hair breakage and promoting hair growth. Eating both yellow and red bell pepper should be in your daily Skin care routine steps as they are relevant antioxidants for the skin. 

Eggs – Since they are also low in fat, so when mixed with promoting the cell regeneration as well as offering the body with lutein and sulfur, which hydrates your skin as well as elasticity, eggs does your body good and prove to be the best food item to maintain Skin care for oily skin. Also, they are rich in vitamin B and biotin as these 2 nutrients are quite significant for the maintenance and health of your locks. 

Rather than spending bucks on potions, lotions, and hair spa treatments which might or might not work, it is high time for you to begin with the diet. So in case you wish to get hydrated skin and healthy hair, always remember that it begins from within. Include the above-mentioned foods in your list and achieve that perfect glow in your skin and hair. So, what are you waiting for? Give your skin and tresses the much-deserved treatment.