Cirrhotic: Considering Liver Transplant A Better Option

Cirrhotic is a disease related to the liver which can even be life-threatening most of the time because the body cannot take up the right treatment. At the stage which is advanced, the liver might get damaged up to 90%. Cirrhotic is caused when the liver gets damaged due to bad habits. Causes of liver cirrhosis can be due to the consumption of alcohol, infection or the toxic substances fall to damage their liver.

What is liver cirrhosis?

Cirrhosis is considered the last stage of liver disease. At times the patients might develop a renal function of the liver which means that the liver disease is at the endpoint. With no doubt that liver transplant is the best treatment that can help in curing the adverse effect of the liver, but one should keep in mind that around 15% of the patients might end up undergoing such treatment. cirrhosis of the liver is caused when an individual opts for drinking or toxic habits.

When the body damages the liver, the entire liver cells get killed as well as the tissues scare with time. Such a scarring procedure is even known as fibrosis. When the complete liver gets scarred it leads to the shrinking of the liver and as the result for every person, it becomes difficult to survive.

What are the Symptoms of liver cirrhosis?

Some of the general symptoms can be colour changing of the eyes into yellow, even changing the colour of urine. The ones who are suffering from liver disease can feel tiredness along with the swollen feet. With no doubt, the symptoms of such disease vary from one stage to another and that is why when one is able to see the simple symptom, then getting in touch with the doctor is the best option left. The symptoms that might come in advance stages lead to blood in the vomiting or even bloating in the stomach because of the water.

Some more symptoms are listed below:

  1. Serious infection in the body.
  2. One can go into a coma.
  3. Jaundice on a great scale.
  4. Kidney infection.
  5. Clotting of the blood.
  6. blockage of the biliary system

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Cirrhosis treatment by cirrhosis specialists are as follows:

  1. Portal hypertension: Most of the time, all the doctors treat such diseases with the help of medicine. The doctors at a time try to enlarge the veins of the stomach by using the new tools and techniques. If the feet of the person is swollen, then doctors try to give medicine so that extra fluid can be removed from the body. Even most of the time, doctors try to remove the salt from the diet so that the body can remain perfect.
  2. Infection: If the body gets an infection, then the antibiotic is the best suggestion prescribed by the doctor to the patient.
  3. Liver cancer: Most of the time, the ones who are suffering from liver cancer are given suggestions like surgery or radiant therapy. Under this treatment, the liver is treated so that the body can remain safe and secure.
  4. Liver failure: It is even known as the last or the end stage of the liver under which the liver stops functioning. So, the doctors provide the last treatment which is called liver transplantation.
  5. Complications: Some of the other complications that might occur is some of the other body is treated using the diet or by adding on with the physical activity by the person. Even some recommend surgery depending upon the stage of the illness.

Some of the Do’s :

If a person is feeling any illness in the liver, then they are suggested to go for the complete check-up from the expert therapist.

  1. One should try and keep a check on the function of the liver by keeping an eye on it. If a person is already facing such issues related to the liver, then they should visit the doctor after 3 months.
  2. Make sure to add the nutritious diet in the plan as it can help in dealing with the chronic illness of the liver. At times, the ones who are suffering from liver disease might end up in getting bad digestion. If the digestion is not good, then they might feel bloated all the time. That is why adding the right diet plan is what one should keep in mind.

Some Don’t’s:

1. Make sure to avoid alcohol as it can completely affect the liver and it’s functioning.

2. try not to go for the extra activities when you are at a high stage of liver disease.

3.  Do not think of taking medicine without taking consultation from the doctor. It is because at times, taking medicine at our own risk can be very dangerous.

Liver transplantation: 

There are many experts of the liver who suggest the option of the liver transplant to the patients who reach at the end stage of the liver disease. Moreover, such a phase takes around 5 to 7 days in which the person is admitted in the hospital and is kept under complete observation.

  1. For establishing the diagnosis, a person is suggested that they should determine the liver disease and see whether there is a need for the transplantation or not.
  2. The doctors check the fitness of the patient whether they are able to bear the transplantation or not.
  3. At times checking the mental health of the patient is even essential for most of the time so that one can know whether the body is able to take such treatment or not.

Moreover, the doctor only gives the suggestion of the liver transplant when the person is not left with any other choice or the treatment to conduct. So, make sure to communicate with the doctor before opting for any of the medicine as it can be a danger to the health

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