Remdesivir for covid treatment

Remdesivir: Side effects, Dosage, and Benefits for COVID-19 Treatment

What is remdesivir medicine? To treat coronavirus infection in adults, children, and older age, hospitalized in severe conditions, the remdesivir medicine is used to treat the SARS-CoV-2 virus. It is also known as a remdesivir…

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Hypertension and Covid-19

How to Deal with Hypertension and Covid-19?

Those people suffering from hypertension problems must be taken care of themselves as it increases the risks of the covid-19 virus. If you are going to take a vaccine and handle high blood pressure, you…

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Covid vaccine side effects after getting vaccination

What are the Covid Vaccine Side Effects after Getting Vaccination?

Covid-19 vaccines will build your immunity and protect your body against the virus. After getting a vaccination, individuals may feel some mild side effects of the coronavirus vaccine, which means that your body is building…

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Covid-19 Vaccination for Pregnant Women

Information About Covid-19 Vaccination for Pregnant Women

Pregnant women can get a coronavirus vaccine during pregnancy that can shield them from a severe illness covid infection. If you have issues about getting vaccinated, a consultation with your healthcare provider might assist however…

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covid-19 indian variant

The Philippines Detects the New COVID-19 Indian Variant.

The Philippines has identified its first two cases of covid-19 Indian variant, which was first recognized in India. Even as confirmed, the Health Ministry said that daily COVID-19 viruses dropped to a nearly eight-week low. The…

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travel ban Philippines 2021

Covid-19: Travel Restrictions in the Philippines-2021

There is a halt of entry into the Philippines for non-nationals and their relatives or those with applicable visas. Filipino nationals and citizens returning from abroad may be governed to isolate for a maximum of…

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Coronavirus Vaccine: What You Require to understand So Far

How do coronavirus vaccines fight? Covid vaccines assist people to develop immunization to a virus or other infection. A vaccine proposes a less costly part of that germ — or something built to look or…

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Traveling during COVID-19 in the Philippines?

The Philippines on Saturday announced 1,952 newly Covid-19 cases, producing the total in the nation to 485,797. The travel restrictions in the Philippines will definitely show a careful example to stop the extent of the…

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