Measures Taken By Philippine Fitness Industry To Flourish During The Pandemic

The post- Coronavirus pandemic era will have the economy shaped by new regulations and habits based on the reduced close-contact interaction, along with hygiene a well as tighter travel restrictions. However, what about the industry which, for…

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Home Care For Children With Mild COVID-19 Symptoms!

This year mankind is hit with the pandemic called COVID-19 or the coronavirus. This virus has majorly spread in around 103 countries taking human lives. It is a deadly virus having no vaccination, but just the precaution….

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Facing A Health Crisis? Here’s How You Can Keep Yourself Healthy

The challenges which result from our battle against the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) have the global reach. Everybody has his/her role to play, be it as a volunteer, the essential worker, or through staying at the house…

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Children And COVID-19: What The Parents Need To Know

COVID-19, a disease which is caused by the Coronavirus which was first recognized in Wuhan in December, China, has extensively spread across the world. Now, people have a lot of questions about the same, specifically…

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