Know More about Bone Marrow Cancer!

People have heard a lot about bone marrow cancer, but didn’t know what it meant. This cancer is the soft tissue that lies in the middle of the bones. Various cancers include multiple leukemia, myeloma,…

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healthy diet for Cancer Patients

Know The Right Diet For Breast Cancer Patients

Breast cancer is a complicated condition with multiple contributing factors including age, relative past, genetics, and gender. The side effects of breast cancer treatment are nausea, vomiting, and mouth soreness. The patients often feel sick…

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What are the Causes & Treatment Options for Small Cell Lung Cancer?

Abbreviated as SCLC, Small-Cell Lung Cancer is the rapidly-growing one that develops in the lungs’ tissues. By the time an individual gets the diagnosis, this disease has often spread (metastasized) outside of your lungs. Also,…

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colon cancer

Colon Cancer – A Brief Information about the Signs and Symptoms

What is Colon Cancer? Colon cancer can be best described as one specific cancer that develops in the large human intestine (colon). In our digestive system or tract, the colon remains the final part. Colon…

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Check Out These Successful Home Remedies For Cystic Breast Tissue

Also called, Fibrocystic Breast Tissue, Cystic Breast Tissue is a condition that includes the breast lumps or thickened tissues areas that are, at times, tender as well as can vary with your menstrual cycle. Though…

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All you need to know about the Symptoms & Diagnosis of Small Cell Lung Cancer

SCLC (Small-Cell Lung Cancer), at times also known as Small-Cell Carcinoma, causes nearly 10%-15% of all lung cancer. It might also be called Oat cell carcinoma, Small Cell Undifferentiated Carcinoma, and Oat Cell Cancer. This is…

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Treatments for Colon Cancer and Prospective Costs

Knowing about Colon cancer  Colorectal or Colon cancer is a malignant tumour that generates from the inner wall of the colon that is known as the large intestine. This organ lies in the lower part…

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15 Foods prevent from breast cancer

Opt For The Best 15 Foods To Help You Prevent From Breast Cancer!

With no doubt, there is not a particular food that can cause or cure cancer. But there might be some of the foods that can help in controlling the risk of cancer. To prevent breast cancer, opting…

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Regular Screening for Lung Cancer & Why is it Important?

Lung cancer is amongst the leading causes of deaths due to cancer in both men and women worldwide. A lung cancer diagnosis is often delayed since the body shows no major symptoms of the disease…

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Know the Foods must to avoid by a Colon Cancer Patient

In one of the researches done by the American Cancer Society, colorectal cancer is one of the top 3 types of cancer which affected many people in the United States. This statistic remains the same,…

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