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What are the common risk factors associated with liver cancer?

Healthy living is seen as very rare in every individual because people have not been marinating a balanced diet. Life has become so dull that practising exercise is no-where in the list. With no doubts, liver cancer is considered as a most chronic disease which can have an adverse effect on the body. Primary liver cancer or cancer at a greater level carries risk at the same level. 

Different cancers lead to a different effect on the body and that is one of the reasons a person should make sure that they consult the doctor if they are suffering from such disease.


There are a lot of factors that can increase the risk of cancer of the liver:

 1. Gender: According to the study it is mentioned that the men are more likely to fall under liver cancer. HCC prognosis is somewhere common in women and that is why focusing towards health is a must. 

2. Viral hepatitis: At times the body gets a viral infection which can lead to the risk of liver failure. According to a study, the common cause of HCC is hepatitis C. The infection can affect or add on the high risk of increasing liver cancer or chronic hepatitis. HCV is considered as the symptom of liver damage. 

3. Cirrhosis: It is a disease which can lead to liver cell damage along with the scar tissue replaced. Although there are a number of reasons that can lead to cirrhosis, it is believed by the experts that HCV or the HBV infection can cause such diseases. 

4. Tobacco: All the ones who smoke can lead to a high risk of increased liver cancer. If one is smoking at a low scale or a high scale, still they end up developing the issues of a greater risk to the liver.

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Some of the symptoms of liver cancer

  1. When the person ends up with the weight loss in a short span of time, then there might be a chance of liver cancer.
  2. Appetite loss is even a common symptom that can lead to chronic disease.
  3. Feeling the stomach is complete after every meal can be a great and a major symptom.
  4. The person might feel pain in ribs due to the enlarged liver.
  5. Itching 
  6. When the skin or the eyes get yellow, then they are more likely to get cancer. 

There are various other symptoms that can include the vein enlargement or the fever along with the bleeding can be a major cause of cancer. 


Cirrhosis is the last or the end-stage in which the liver is unable to function or is 90% dead. Whenever the liver is injured or diseased it is assured that the person might be adding alcohol. One should make a note that if the liver is damaged due to cirrhosis then getting it back on the right track cannot be possible. 

Symptoms of advancing cirrhosis

Cirrhosis is a disease which does not come with any symptom or sign but leaves a very big impact on the liver. 

  1. Fatigue
  2. The yellow colour of the skin as well as eyes
  3. In the case of men, they are unable to put a better potential in their body at the time of sex.
  4. In the case of women, the lady might face an inaccurate period. 
  5. Weight loss is even the common sign face in the person suffering from such disease. 

Antiviral treatment is suggested by most of the doctors so that one can get the best support for their liver. There are various drugs or medicines that are recommended to the patient suffering from liver dysfunction. 

Some of the diseases associated with liver cancer are as follows:

 1. Wilson Diseases

2. Tyrosinemia

3. Antitrypsin deficiency

Some of the factors that can help in lowering the risk of cancer;

  1. The vaccine of Hepatitis B: At times getting the vaccine of hepatitis B can work wonders for the individual who is already suffering from liver cancer. It is believed that chronic infection can lead to liver cancer. So, getting the treatment by adding a vaccine is an ideal choice left with people. 
  2. Aspirin: With no doubt, aspirin helps in reducing the risk of cancer. According to studies consuming aspirin daily will reduce the risk of liver cancer. 

The lifestyle of people is changing at a greater extent every day. That is one of the reasons people are suggesting that they should add the right food item in their diet. Some of the things that should be avoided are listed below:

 1. Alcohol: One should make sure that they do not consume alcohol at a great quantity because it can lead to cirrhosis. Adding alcohol can lead to a higher risk of liver cancer in an individual. 

2. Smoking: One should be aware of the fact that tobacco can increase the risk of liver cancer in an individual. 

3.Arsenic: By consuming the arsenic within the water, then it can kill the cells of cancer in the liver. 

4.Aflatoxins: There are various fungal infections that can lead to cancer. Most of the time contamination occurs because of the change in the environment or the foodstuff. 

5.Chemicals: There are many exposures of vinyl and the thorium can lead to great risk to the liver. That is why consuming a medicine without consultation without the doctor can lead to great health risk.